The BEST Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team

Clever, funny, dirty, & crude Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team in 2021

Green Bay Packers fans dressed up in Green Bay Packers clothes and tailgating before the game.
Photo Credit: Jeff Bukowski/shutterstock
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The BEST clever & funny Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team in 2022

The first important decision you face this football season is crafting a Funny Fantasy Football Team Name!

This task can seem daunting trying to drum up something creative to name your fantasy team after. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Start where your NFL loyalties lie!

Some of these names are clever & funny. Some are dirty & crude. But they’re all guaranteed to make your leaguemates chuckle, and your fantasy season just a little more entertaining!

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Fan Favorite Funny Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team in 2022

NFL Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Cardinals Fans!

Top Players
QB Kyler Murray, WR DeAndre Hopkins, WR Marquise Brown, WR A.J. Green,
RB James Conner, TE Zach Ertz, DE J.J. Watt, Coach Kliff Kingsbury
Legend Players
Larry Fitzgerald
  • House Of Cards
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Raising Arizona
  • Angry Birds
  • All the King’s Men
  • It’s Good To Be King
  • The King and I
  • Special K
  • Hail Murray
  • There’s Something About Murray
  • Natural Born Kylers
  • Cobra Ky
  • Kyler, will you Murray me?
  • Eat, Drink, & Be Murray (Perfect in December)
  • Murray Christmas
  • Murray Up & Wait
  • Kyler MurrYaY
  • Kyler on the Loose
  • Kyler Soze
  • Happier in Hollywood (Marquise Brown)
  • Hooray For Hollywood
  • Hollywood Squares
  • Foxy Brown
  • A Marquise Brown Christmas
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • What Can Brown do for You?
  • Beats by DeAndre
  • DeAndre the Giant
  • DeAndre Hopkins University
  • Conner into Bed
  • Conner’s Comebackers
  • Hit’em Where It Ertz
  • Greener Pastures
  • Watt More Could You Ask For?
  • Watt Time is It?
  • I’m Gonna Swing from the Chandlers
  • Livin’ on a Prater
  • Giving You Fitz
  • Larry Legend

NFL Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons rhinestone helmet at the 2021 NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Falcons Fans!

Top Players
QB Marcus Mariota, TE Kyle Pitts, WR Drake London, WR Bryan Edwards, RB Cordarrelle Patterson
  • Georgia on My Mind
  • Midnight Train to Georgia
  • Calvin Ridley’s Bookie
  • The Second Half Doesn’t Count
  • Dirty Birds
  • Super Mariota
  • Unicorn (Kyle Pitts)
  • Baby Gronk (Kyle Pitts)
  • I Pitts the Fool
  • Pitts Stop
  • Pitts Bull
  • Pitts Perfect
  • Up Pitts Creek
  • Pitts & Giggles
  • The Next Megatron (Thank you Carson Palmer)
  • London Bridge
  • London Bridge to a Championship
  • Ladies of London
  • The Tower of London
  • Royal Society of London
  • London Underground
  • The London Eye
  • London Calling
  • London Broil
  • The Kee To Success (KeeSean Johnson)

NFL Baltimore Ravens
NFL Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Ravens Fans!

Top Players
QB Lamar Jackson, RB J.K. Dobbins, RB Gus Edwards, RB Mike Davis, RB Kenyan Drake, TE Mark Andrews, WR Rashod Bateman, K Justin Tucker
Legend Players
LB Ray Lewis, OL Marshal Yanda
  • Rantin’ & Raven
  • Purple Pain
  • That’s So Raven
  • LAMARvel Cinematic Universe
  • Behind the 8-Ball
  • Action Jackson
  • Lamar You Serious?
  • Lamar the Merrier! (Perfect in December)
  • View From Lamar
  • Lamar, Mr. Jackson if You’re Nasty
  • JacksOn, Jacks Off
  • Mandrew
  • Mark My Words
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Maker’s Mark
  • Bateman Begins
  • Bateman Returns
  • Bateman & Dobbins
  • Bateman v Superman
  • The Bat Signal
  • Master Bateman
  • Get on the Bus Gus
  • Drake’s New Favorite Team
  • Fake it ‘Til You Drake It
  • I Do What I Kenyan
  • Yes We Kenyan
  • Wake ‘n’ Drake
  • Kenyan Stop Me From Scoring?
  • Kenyan Dig It?
  • Kenyan & Barbie
  • Life is what you Drake it
  • Drake It ‘Til You Make It
  • Grand Kenyan
  • Pump the Drakes
  • Bad Mother Tucker
  • Tuck You
  • All Tuckered Out
  • Ray Lewis’ House of Pain
  • What Yanda Do About It?
  • Yanda, Yanda, Yanda

NFL Buffalo Bills
NFL Buffalo Bills fan at a snowy Buffalo Bills football game

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Bills Fans!

Top Players
QB Josh Allen, WR Stefon Diggs, WR Gabriel Davis, WR Isaiah McKenzie, WR Jamison Crowder, RB Devin Singletary, RB James Cook, TE Dawson Knox, LB Von Miller, Coach Sean McDermott
Legend Players
QB Jim Kelly, QB Doug Flutie
  • It’s the Right Time to Billieve
  • Don’t Stop Billievin’
  • Something to Billieve In
  • The Billievers
  • Billieve
  • Dollar Bill$
  • Bills Mafia
  • Kill Bills
  • I Got Bills I Gotta Play
  • The Bill Collectors
  • Bills to Pay
  • Unpaid Bills
  • Buffa-low Expectations
  • McD’s
  • Allen a Day’s Work
  • Allen the Family
  • We’re Allen this Together
  • Josh Stallion (Thank You The Fantasy Footballers)
  • It’s Allen the hips!
  • Allentown
  • I’m Just Josh-in’ You
  • Allen Wrench
  • Josh All-in
  • No Diggsity, No Doubt
  • Diggs In
  • Check out my Diggs
  • Can You Diggs It?
  • GraveDigger
  • Diggs-ing You a Grave
  • Angel Gabriel
  • St. Gabriel the Archangel
  • Children of Gabriel
  • A Son Called Gabriel
  • James and the Giant Football
  • Cooking Up a Championship
  • Sunday Cook Out
  • Can You Smell What I’m Cooking?
  • Cooking Up Some Yards
  • Cooking Competition
  • Cookin’ the Competition
  • To Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  • Cooking the Books
  • Fort Knox
  • Jamison Rocks
  • Shot of Jamison Crowder
  • Standing Out in the Crowder
  • Miller Time
  • Miller High Life
  • It’s Von Like Donkey Kong
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • Flutie Flakes
  • Peachy Keenan
  • Nathan Peterman’s Hot Dog Stand

NFL Carolina Panthers
NFL Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey stiff arming a Washington Football Team defender in a football game.
Photo: All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Panthers Fans!

Top Players
QB Baker Mayfield, RB Chuba Hubbard, WR D.J. Moore, WR Robby Anderson, WR Terrace Marshall Jr., WR Laviska Shenault, Coach Matt Rhule
Legend Players
LB Luke Kuechly
  • Carolina on My Mind
  • The Sex Panthers
  • Kitty Whipped
  • Pink Panthers
  • Carolina in My Mind
  • Panthers Rhule
  • Rhule Number One
  • Ja Rhule
  • The Baker Mayfield Experience
  • Woke Up Feeling DAN6EROUS
  • The Fabulous Baker Boy
  • Mayfield of Dreams
  • Baker’s Dozen
  • We Mayfield a Team This Year
  • You Mayfield Some Pressure
  • Wake and Baker
  • The Butcher, the Baker, the Touchdown Maker
  • Half-Baked
  • Baker’s Mark
  • Shake-n-Baker
  • Baking Bad
  • Gimme Moore
  • Moore to Love
  • Moore Money Moore Problems
  • Want some Moore?
  • Dare I Say Moore?
  • Would you like some Moore?
  • What Moore is there left to say?
  • Moore the Merrier
  • Hasta Laviska, baby!
  • Sam’s Club
  • Luke, I am Your Father
  • Kuech-in it Real

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Bears Fans!

Top Players
QB Justin Fields, WR Darnell Mooney, RB David Montgomery, TE Cole Kmet
Legend Players
Coach Mike Ditka, LB Brian Urlacher, RB Matt Forte, QB Jay Cutler
  • Da Bear Necessities
  • Chicago Mama Bears
  • Chicago Beers
  • Grin and Bear It
  • Monsters of Midway
  • Fields of Dreams
  • Justin Case
  • BattleFields Tested
  • Love Is A Battlefield
  • Fields So Good
  • Fields Day
  • King of the Fields
  • Outstanding in Your Fields
  • Outstanding in His Fields
  • Justin Time
  • Justin Fields Forever
  • David MontgomerWEEEEEEEEE
  • To the Mooney
  • Over the Moon
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • Full Mooney
  • Blue Mooney
  • Tremoondous
  • Moonopoly
  • Hit Me In My DM’s
  • Kmet the Frog
  • Dirty Harry
  • Even N’Keal
  • Suck My Ditka
  • Forte inch Dikta
  • Winning is my Forte
  • Not Your Forte
  • The Forte Year Old Virgin
  • Forte Shades Of Grey
  • The Hurt Lacher
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler

NFL Cinncinnati Bengals
NFL Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow before the football is snapped against the Washington Football Team
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Bengals Fans!

Top Players
QB Joe Burrow, RB Joe Mixon, WR Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, WR Tyler Boyd, WR Tee Higgins, TE Hayden Hurst, Coach Zac Taylor
  • Welcome To The Jungle
  • Jungle Love
  • The Bungles
  • Cat Scratch Fever
  • Cattyshack
  • Taylor Made To Win
  • Taylor Made
  • The Chase Is On
  • Chasing Greatness
  • Chasing A Title
  • Keep Chasing
  • Chasing Points
  • Nobody Chasing Me
  • Chasing You
  • Chasing the Other Nut
  • Tee It Up
  • Golden Tee
  • Spill the Tee
  • Not Your Average Joe’s
  • No Ordinary Joe
  • Ready, Set, Joe!
  • Joe Exotic
  • Tiger King
  • Beg, Steal, & Burrow
  • The Mixologists
  • No Ordinary Joe
  • Mixon It Up
  • Mixon Match
  • Sorry Joe (Thank you Footballguys)
  • Sorry Joe’s (Perfect for Joe Mixon & Joe Burrow)
  • Joe Migraine
  • The Mixon Administration
  • Mix-On, Mix-Off (Karate Kid)
  • One of the Boyds
  • Null and Boyd
  • Hurst & Goal

NFL Cleveland Browns
NFL running back Nick Chubb avoiding a tackle against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Browns Fans!

Top Players
QB Deshaun Watson, QB Jacoby Brissett, WR Amari Cooper, WR Donovan Peoples Jones, RB Nick Chubb, RB Kareem Hunt, TE David Njoku, DE Myles Garrett, OT Jack Conklin
  • Cleveland Rocks
  • Fifty Shades of Browns
  • A Clockwork Orange & Brown
  • Orange Is the New Brown
  • Where’s the Beef? (Jacoby Brissett)
  • MegaWatson
  • Watson In Your Wallet
  • Elementary! My Dear Watson
  • Who’s on First, Watson Second
  • Watson Your Mind
  • Watson, Watsoff
  • DeShaun in 60 Seconds
  • Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper
  • Amari Cooped-Up
  • Giorgio Amari
  • That’s Amari!
  • It’s Too Late to Say Amari?
  • Have Amari Christmas (Perfect for Fantasy Playoffs)
  • Storm Coopers
  • In the Nick of Time
  • Nick at Nite
  • Big Nick Energy
  • Big Chubb Energy
  • Big Dick Nick
  • Nick the Quick
  • Nasty Nick
  • Hot Chubb Time Machine
  • Chubby Chasers
  • Losing My Chubb
  • Rub my Chubb
  • Morning Chubb
  • Old Saint Nick (Perfect for the Holidays)
  • Kareem of the Crop
  • Hunting for Points
  • On the Hunt
  • In the Hunt
  • Big Game Hunters
  • Njoku’s on You
  • Playing a Njoku on You
  • Running Njoku
  • Dirty Njokus
  • Practical Njoku
  • Can’t Take a Njoku
  • No Njoku
  • Crack a Njoku
  • Standing Njoku
  • Knock Knock Njokus
  • Inside Njoku
  • Dad Njokus
  • Bad Njoku
  • Sick NjokuMr. Reliable (Donovan Peoples Jones)
  • The Peoples Champ
  • Straight out of Conklin
  • Myles to Go Before We Win
  • Myles Away from a Championship
  • Myles High Club
  • There’s Always Next Year

The NFL Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott handing off the football to running back Ezekiel Elliott in a NFL football game.
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Cowboys Fans!

Top Players
QB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel Elliott, RB Tony Pollard, WR CeeDee Lamb, WR Michael Gallup, TE Dalton Schultz
  • America’s Fantasy Team
  • Jerry Jones Fantasy Team
  • Jerry’s World
  • Jerry Jones Entourage
  • Should’ve Been a Cowboy
  • Lonestar Stunners
  • Prescott Your Luck
  • Silence of the Lamb
  • Dr. Schultz
  • Dalton Abbey
  • Galluping to a Championship
  • Tony! Toni! Tone!
  • Zeke and Ye Shall Find the End Zone
  • Get your Zeke On

NFL Denver Broncos
Empty stadium seats with the Broncos logo in the background at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Broncos Fans!

Top Players
QB Russell Wilson, RB Javonte Williams, RB Melvin Gordon, WR Courtland Sutton, WR Jerry Jeudy, WR Tim Patrick, TE Albert Okwuegbunam
Legend Player
QB John Elway
  • Mile High Heels
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Hung Like a Bronco
  • Mile High Club
  • Buckin’ Broncos
  • Orange Crush
  • The Denver Mint
  • Elway or the Highway
  • Save a Bronco, Ride a Cowboy
  • #LetRussellCook
  • Mr. Unliiiiiimited
  • Riffin’ with Russ
  • Russ-ian Interference
  • RussellMania
  • Everyday I’m Russelin’
  • Sutton To Believe In
  • Always up to Sutton
  • Sutton’s Going On
  • All of a Sutton
  • Sutton Funny Is Going On Here
  • Judge Jeudy
  • You Can Call Me Al
  • The Big O
  • Fat Albert
  • HEY, HEY, HEY, It’s Fat Albert
  • Fireball Jones (Tim Patrick/Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)

NfL Detroit Lions

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Lions Fans!

Top Players
QB Jared Goff, RB D'Andre Swift, RB Jamaal Williams, TE T.J. Hockenson, WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR DJ Chark, WR Jameson Williams
Legend Players
RB Barry Sanders
  • I Ain’t Lion
  • Lion Low
  • Lionesses (Perfect for the Lady Detroit Fan)
  • Detroit Fly
  • Swift & Sassy
  • Swift Retreat
  • Swift Kick In the Ass
  • Swifties
  • Get Swifty
  • He Went to Jared
  • Goffensive MVP
  • I’m About to Go Goff
  • Nothing to Goff At
  • Goff Balls
  • Picked Goff
  • Shake it Goff
  • Turn Goff the Lights
  • Turn Your Head and Goff
  • Jack Goff
  • Jack Me Goff
  • No Days Goff
  • Chark Week
  • Chark Attack
  • Don’t Go Breaking My Chark
  • Better Call Jamaal
  • Jamaal in the Famil
  • Barry Good

NFL Green Bay Packers
NFL Green Bay Packers fans dressed in crazy outfits at a Green Bay Packers game
Mike Morbeck/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Packers Fans!

Top Players
QB Aaron Rodgers, QB Jordan Love, RB Aaron Jones, RB AJ Dillion, WR Allen Lazard, TE Robert Tonyan, K Mason Crosby, Coach Matt LaFleur
Legend Players
QB Brett Favre
  • The Green Bowl Packers
  • Pack It Up, Pack It In, Let Me Begin
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy
  • Leader of the Pack
  • The Cheese Stands Alone
  • Riding in my Lambeau
  • Green Babe Packers
  • Pack-Man
  • One LaFleur Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Lambeaughinis
  • Pack It In
  • The Bears Still Suck
  • Aaron Jones-ing for a CHAMPIONSHIP
  • AJ Villain
  • The Lazard King
  • Watkins on Sunshine
  • Lizard King
  • Uncle Sammy Wants You
  • Elementary! My Dear Watkins
  • IBM Watkins
  • Big Bob
  • No Jordanary Love
  • Favre Dollar Footlong

NFL Houston Texans

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Texans Fans!

Top Players
QB Davis Mills, RB Dameon Pierce, RB Rex Burkhead, RB Marlon Mack, WR Brandin Cooks
  • Houston, We Have A Touchdown!
  • Houston, We Have a Problem
  • Don’t Mess With Texas
  • General Mills
  • Fierce Pierce
  • Dameon Fierce
  • Fatal Pierce
  • Pierce the Defense
  • Pierce Your Defense
  • Pierce Your Fantasy Heart
  • Pierce Your Fantasy Soul
  • Pierce the Veil
  • Fort Pierce
  • Dr. Pierce
  • Notre Dameon
  • Captain Concussion (Brandin Cooks)
  • Cooking Up a Championship
  • Sunday Cook Out
  • Can You Smell What I’m Cooking?
  • Cooking Up Some Yards
  • Cooking Competition
  • Cookin’ the Competition
  • To Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  • Cooking the Books
  • Sexy Rexy
  • Rex-N-Effect
  • Rex Appeal

NFL Indianapolis Colts

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Colts Fans!

Top Players
QB Matt Ryan, QB Nick Foles, RB Jonathan Taylor, WR Michael Pittman Jr., WR Parris Campbell, Coach Frank Reich, Owner Jim Irsay
  • Colt Following
  • Indy Pale Ale
  • Price is Reich
  • Irsay It Ain’t So
  • Taylor Made
  • Pitt Stop
  • Pitt Bull
  • Pitt Perfect
  • I Pitt the Fool
  • Saving Matt Ryan
  • Get Rich or Die Ryan
  • Matty Ice, Ice, Baby
  • nICE Guys Finish First
  • MattStick Men
  • Parris Hilton
  • Parris is Burning
  • KeKe, Do You Love Me?
  • Foles Me Once

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Jaguars Fans!

Top Players
QB Trevor Lawrence, RB Travis Etienne Jr., WR Christian Kirk, WR Marvin Jones
  • Blood, Sweat, & Teal
  • Jaguarnaut
  • Cattyshack
  • Jaguar King
  • Sunshine (Trevor Lawrence)
  • Brush With The Law
  • Law & Order
  • Lawrence & Order
  • New Law & Order
  • Breaking the Law
  • Law of the Land
  • School of Law
  • Law School
  • The Best Law School
  • Law Office of Trevor, Robinson, & Shenault
  • The Inverse Law
  • First Lawsuit
  • Mother-in-Law
  • Brother-in-Law
  • Trevor Lawrence of Arabia
  • Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville
  • Heat Lightning (Travis Etienne)
  • The Blazin’ Cajun (Travis Etienne)
  • ET
  • ET Don’t Go Home
  • Is This Real ET? Or Just Fantasy?
  • Et tu, Brute?
  • Captain Kirk
  • Captain Kirk: Stardate 2022
  • Good Ole Christian Boys
  • The Christian Thing To Do
  • Living the Christian Life
  • Christian Zealots
  • Christian Missionaries
  • Christian Mingle
  • Marvin On Up
  • Jonesing for a Win
  • The Money Badger (Michael Badgley)
  • Badgley of Honor

NFL Kansas City Chiefs
A Kansas City Chiefs NFL helmet

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Chiefs Fans!

Top Players
QB Patrick Mahomes, TE Travis Kelce, RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR Marquez Valdez-Scantling, WR Mecole Hardman, Coach Andy Reid
  • Commander In Chiefs
  • Chiefs Executive Officer
  • KC and The Sunshine Band
  • You Got That, Chief?
  • Reid’em & Weep
  • Reid the Defense
  • Reid Option
  • Reid All About It
  • Reid Between the Lines
  • Chiefs Kingdom
  • Pat’s Tricks
  • Saint Patrick
  • Take Mahomes, I’m Drunk
  • Working from Mahomes
  • Stay in Mahomes
  • Good JuJu
  • JuJu on that Beat
  • Don’t Be So Nagy

NFL Las Vegas Raiders
NFL Raiders fans giving the middle finger at the Raiders football game.

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Raiders Fans!

Top Players
QB Derek Carr, WR Davante Adams, WR Hunter Renfrow, RB Josh Jacobs, RB Zamir White, TE Darren Waller
  • Vegas Baby!
  • Going to Vegas, Baby!
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • The Black and Silver Hole
  • Raiders of the Lost Yards
  • Edge of Seventeen (Davante Adams)
  • The Adams Family
  • Adams Bomb
  • Up and Adams!
  • Davante’s Inferno
  • The Wallbangers
  • The Wallflowers
  • Baby, You Can Drive My Carr
  • Make AmeriCarr Great Again
  • Weekend Carr Show
  • Start the Carr
  • Carr-ted off the Field
  • Dude, Where’s my Carr?
  • Carr-dee B
  • A Carr is Born
  • BaCarrdi Rum
  • You Got a Fast Carr
  • Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt
  • Just Joshin’
  • Zeus (Zamir White)
  • I’m dreaming of a White Christmas
  • A Zamir White Christmas

Los Angeles Chargers stadium during a game with hundreds of blue Chargers flags waving in the air.

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Chargers Fans!

Top Players
QB Justin Herbert, RB Austin Ekeler, RB Sony Michel, WR Keenan Allen, WR Mike Williams, TE Gerald Everett, DE Joey Bosa
Legend Players
Antonio Gates
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Austin Powers
  • Ekeler’s Edge
  • Austintatious
  • Stone Cold Austin Ekeler
  • Awesome Ekeler
  • Austin City Limits
  • Herbert’s Heroes
  • Big Herbs (Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)
  • Herbert & Spices
  • Cookin’ with Herbs
  • 11 Secret Herbs and Spices
  • Justin Time
  • Justin Case
  • Herb
  • Allen Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go
  • Allen the Family
  • Allen a Day’s Work
  • We’re Allen this Together
  • Magic Mike
  • Be Like Mike
  • Mount Everett
  • Sony Side Up
  • The Sony Side of Life
  • Sony With A Chance
  • My Little Sony
  • Say It Ain’t Sony
  • Mack Attack (Khalil Mack)
  • All About That Bosa
  • The Gates of Victory
  • The Gates of Hell

Los Angeles Rams
NFL Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Rams Fans!

Top Players
QB Matthew Stafford, QB John Wolford, WR Cooper Kupp, WR Allen Robinson, WR Van Jefferson, RB Cam Akers, RB Darrell Henderson Jr., TE Tyler Higbee, DT Aaron Donald
  • Guts, Glory, Rams
  • Grab Life by the Horns
  • RAMblin’ and Gamblin’
  • Ramblin’ Man
  • Ram Jam
  • Rambo
  • Stafford Wives
  • Built Ford Tough
  • Built StafFORD Tough
  • Stafford Motor Company
  • Stafford Motor Co.
  • Stafford & Son
  • Stafford Infection
  • Stafford Loans
  • Stafford Artois
  • Hanging With Mr. Cooper
  • Pour Some Drank in My Kupp
  • My Kupp Runneth Over
  • Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson
  • We’re Allen this Together
  • Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood
  • Allen the Family
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Cops and Robinson
  • MVS of the West (Van Jefferson/Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)
  • Tyler HigBeast
  • Tyler CouldBee (Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)
  • The Terminator (Aaron Donald)
  • The Wolford of Wall Street

A Miami Dolphins fan with a Miami Dolphins logo in his mohawk.
Nathan Rupert/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Dolphins Fans!

Top Players
QB Tua Tagovailoa, QB Teddy Bridgewater, WR Tyreek Hill, WR Jaylen Waddle, RB Chase Edmonds, RB Raheem Mostert, TE Mike Gesicki
  • Miami Vice
  • Fin It to Win It
  • The Throwin’ Samoan
  • Take Me Tua Title
  • Born Tua be Wild
  • Tua be continued…
  • Tag You’re It
  • Tag Me In
  • Tua Legit Tua Quit
  • Born Tua Be Wild
  • Just the Tua Us
  • King of the Hill
  • High on a Hill Top
  • The Chase Is On
  • Chasing Greatness
  • Chasing Points
  • Mostert Likely to Succeed
  • Raheem Must Start
  • Hostess with the Mostert
  • Ketchup & Mostert
  • Put Some Mostert On It
  • Colonel Mostert
  • Teddy Will Be Ready
  • Teddy Two Gloves
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Teddy’s Bridge Game
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Water Under the Bridge

The NFL Minnesota Vikings
NFL Minnesota Vikings Mascot at a Minnesota Vikings game

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Vikings Fans!

Top Players
QB Kirk Cousins, RB Dalvin Cook, RB Alexander Mattison, WR Justin Jefferson, WR Adam Thielen, TE Irv Smith Jr., LB Anthony Barr
  • You Vike That?
  • Purple Reign
  • A Viking walks into a Barr
  • Purple People Eaters
  • The Jeffersons
  • Jefferson Starship
  • Fortunate Jefferson
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Justin Time
  • Justin Case
  • Fathers & JefferSons
  • JefferSon of a Gun
  • Cook-ing up some yards
  • Can’t Stop This Thielen
  • I Gotta Thielen
  • Captain Kirks
  • Battle of DunKirk
  • Kirkland Signature
  • First Cousins
  • I’m With Your Cousins
  • Kissing Cousins
  • Thielen up my Cousins
  • Reagor Bombs
  • My Name is Alexander Mattison (Hamilton Reference)
  • Raising the Barr

NFL New England Patriots
A crystal New England Patriots helmet on display at the 2021 NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Patriots Fans!

Top Players
QB Mac Jones, RB Damien Harris, RB Rhamondre Stevenson, WR DeVante Parker, TE Hunter Henry, K Nick Folk, Coach Bill Belichick, Owner Robert Kraft
Legend Players
QB Tom Brady, WR Julian Edelman, TE Rob Gronkowski
  • Boston TE Party
  • Foxy Lady
  • Homeland Defense
  • The Big Mac
  • Mac Attack
  • Return of the Mac
  • Walk in the Parker
  • Illegal Parker
  • The Hunter Games
  • King Henry
  • Notre Damien
  • Even Stevens
  • Even It Up
  • Beats by Dre
  • Stevie Wonder
  • The Bourne Supremacy
  • I Don’t Give A Folk
  • We Don’t Need Tom
  • Rob Gonekowski
  • Ladies & Edelman
  • Julian Edelman’s Tinder Date
  • Belichick Yo’self
  • Robert Kraft’s Massage Therapist
  • Robert Kraft’s Day Spa
  • Arts & Krafts

NFL New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints super fans all dressed up in Saints gear.
B.C. Lorio/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Saints Fans!

Top Players
QB Jameis Winston, QB Andy Dalton, RB Alvin Kamara, WR Michael Thomas, WR Chris Olave, WR Jarvis Landry, TE Adam Trautman, TE Taysom Hill, K Will Lutz
Legend Players
Drew Brees
  • Saints & Sinners
  • The Aint’s
  • Want To Be Like Mike
  • Magic Mike
  • Kamara’s A Bitch
  • Lights, Kamara, Action
  • You Winston Some, You Lose Some
  • All I do is Winston
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • the GOAT
  • Olave Garden
  • The Nightmare Before CHRIStmas
  • CHRIStmas Eve
  • Night Before CHRIStmas
  • CHRIStmas Time
  • Merry Christmas
  • CHRIStmas Day
  • CHRIStmas Gift
  • Landry Strip
  • Landry Service
  • Colonel Trautman
  • The Red Rifle (Andy Dalton)
  • Red Rider
  • Red Rocket
  • Dalton Abbey
  • Lutz Get Physical
  • The Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu)
  • Life’s a Brees
  • Breesy like Sunday Morning
  • The Big Breesy
  • 3 Blind Refs
  • Whatta Marrone

The NFL New York Giants
NFL New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley running with a football for a touchdown against the Washington Football Team
KA Sports Photos/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Giants Fans!

Top Players
QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, WR Kenny Golladay, WR Kadarius Toney, WR Sterling Shepard, WR Darius Slayton
Legend Players
RB Tiki Barber
  • Big Blue Wrecking Crew
  • G-Women
  • G-Men
  • DJ’s Jazzy Giants
  • Danny Dimes
  • Game of Jones
  • Saquads
  • Watch What You Saquon
  • King Quon
  • Oh Saquon You See…
  • Sterling Record
  • Sterling Silver
  • Let Kenny G Play a Little Longer
  • Here to Slay
  • In Tyrod We Trust
  • Carrying the Tiki Torch

NFL New York Jets
A gigantic New York Jets helmet on display outside at the NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Jets Fans!

Top Players
QB Zach Wilson, RB Breece Hall, RB James Robinson, WR Elijah Moore,
Legend Players
QB Joe Namath, QB Mark Sanchez
  • Gang Green
  • The Titans of New York
  • Home of the Jets
  • New York Sack Exchange
  • Just Endure The Suffering
  • The Jetsons
  • Joan Jets
  • #frankgoreforever
  • Running the Hall
  • Hall Pass
  • Better Call Hall
  • Hall of Fame
  • Breece Lightnin’ (Thank you Fantasy Footballers)
  • Breece’s Pieces
  • Came in Like a Wrecking Hall
  • Great Hall
  • Running Through the Hall
  • Running Down the Hall
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Study Hall
  • Independence Hall
  • MILF Hunter (Zach Wilson)
  • The Next Patrick Mahomes (Thank you Tony Romo)
  • Zach Attack
  • Good Wilson Hunting
  • WILSON! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Wilson
  • Jamestown
  • James and the Giant Football
  • Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson
  • Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Cops and Robinson
  • Gimme Moore
  • Moore to Love
  • Moore Money Moore Problems
  • Want some Moore?
  • Dare I Say Moore?
  • Would you like some Moore?
  • What Moore is there left to say?
  • Moore the Merrier
  • Slide Into Your D. Mims
  • Say My Namath
  • Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers

NFL Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles mascot at a Philadelphia Eagles parade

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Eagles Fans!

Top Players
QB Jalen Hurts, RB Miles Sanders, RB Boston Scott, RB Kenneth Gainwell, RB Trey Sermon, WR A.J. Brown, TE Dallas Goedert, CB Darius Slay
  • Phaithfully
  • Flying High Again
  • Fly Eagles Fly!
  • No Phly Zone
  • Root of All Eagles
  • The Dirty Birds
  • Angry Birds
  • Hurts So Good
  • Foxy Brown
  • What Can Brown do for you?
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • Unsinkable AJ Brown
  • An A.J. Brown Christmas
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Miles to Go Before We Win
  • Miles Away from a Championship
  • Miles High Club
  • Miles to Go Before I Sleep
  • 100 Miles and Runnin’
  • Six Miles
  • Here to Slay
  • Great Scott!
  • Scott Free
  • Getting Off Scott Free
  • Nancy Kerrigan (Dallas Goedert)
  • No Pain, No Gainwell
  • No Gain Without Pain
  • A lot to Gainwell
  • Much to Gainwell
  • Gaining on You
  • Gaining Yards
  • Sunday Sermon
  • The Man, The Minshew, The Legend
  • Minshew Mania
  • The Minstache
  • The Constant Gardner
  • Minshew Me What You Got
  • The Minshew Fits

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
A crystal Pittsburgh Steelers helmet from the 2021 NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Steelers Fans!

Top Players
QB Mitch Trubisky, QB Kenny Pickett, RB Najee Harris, RB Benny Snell, WR Diontae Johnson, WR Chase Claypool, WR George Pickens, TE Pat Freiermuth, Coach Mike Tomin
Legend Players
QB Ben Roethlisberger
  • Men of Steel
  • Steel Curtain
  • Straight Outta Tomlin
  • The Mitch Is Back
  • A Marry Your Daughter Kind Of Guy (Mitch Trubisky)
  • Tru Believers
  • Life’s A Mitch
  • My Favorite Pickett
  • Take Your Pickett
  • Pickett and Flick It
  • Kenny Two Gloves
  • Small Hands
  • Tiny Hands
  • Pickett a Fight
  • Have a Bone to Pickett with Someone
  • Pickett Me Up
  • Pickett Up the Slack
  • Pickett Up On
  • Curious George
  • King George
  • My Favorite Pickens
  • Take Your Pickens
  • Pickens a Fight
  • Have a Bones to Pickens with Someone
  • Pickens Me Up
  • Pickens Up the Slack
  • Pickens Up On
  • All About the Benjamins
  • Roethlisberger Helper
  • Where you Ben all my life?
  • Snell Yeah!

NFL San Francisco 49ers
NFL San Francisco tight end George Kittle
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for 49ers Fans!

Top Players
QB Trey Lance, Jimmy Garoppolo, TE George Kittle, TE Tyler Kroft, WR Deebo Samuel, WR Brandon Aiyuk, RB Christian McCaffrey, RB Elijah Mitchell, RB Tyrion Davis-Price, K Robbie Gould, DE Nick Bosa, Coach Kyle Shanahan
  • Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er
  • Sunday Shanahanigans
  • Good Ole Christian Boys
  • Catch 22
  • The Christian Thing To Do
  • Run CMC
  • Living the Christian Life
  • Christian Zealots
  • Christian Missionaries
  • Christian Mingle
  • How Deebo Is Your Love
  • Finding Deebo
  • All About That Bosa
  • Kittles…Taste the Endzone
  • Kittles…Taste the Rainbow
  • Kittle One
  • Kittle N’ Blitz
  • Kittle N’ Bits
  • Kittle Miracles
  • Kittle League
  • Kittle Caboodle
  • Pot Calling the Kittle Black
  • Pretty Kittle Liars
  • Kittle Big Town
  • Brandon Aiyukidding Me
  • The Book of Eli
  • The Book of Eli 2
  • Nick of Time
  • HandKrofted Fantasy Team (Tyler Kroft)
  • I Only Drink Kroft Beers
  • Good As Gould
  • Gouldmember
  • Gould Rush
  • Gould Diggers
  • Fool’s Gould

NFL Seattle Seahawks
A Seattle Seahawks 12th man fan with a neon green and blue mohawk and the number 12 in bright white on the side of his head 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Seahawks Fans!

Top Players
QB Geno Smith, WR Tyler Lockett, WR D.K. Metcalf, RB Rashaad Penny, RB Kenneth Walker, TE Noah Fant, TE Will Dissly, S Jamal Adams, Coach Pete Carroll
Legend Players
RB Marshawn Lynch
  • The 12th Man
  • Rock Out With Your Hawk Out
  • Sea Chickens
  • Beauty & the Beast Mode
  • Peach Cobbler (Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)
  • A Christmas Carroll (Perfect in December)
  • Pete Carroll’s Wet Dream
  • T.D. Metcalf
  • Donkey Kong
  • How I Metcalf Your Mother
  • Lockett to Win
  • Lockett In
  • Lockett Up
  • Penny For Your Thoughts
  • Walk the Talk
  • Walk the Walk
  • Walk This Way
  • Cake Walk
  • Tightrope Walker
  • Night Walker
  • Dog Walker
  • Sleep Walker
  • Street Walker
  • Ain’t Noah Stoppin’ This
  • Noah Fantastic!
  • Jamal Up In Yo Business
  • Jamal of America
  • Going to Disslyland

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Pirate Ship in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium
Global Reactions/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Buccaneers Fans!

Top Players
QB Tom Brady, QB Blaine Gabbert, WR Mike Evans, WR Chris Godwin, WR Julio Jones, WR Russell Gage, RB Leonard Fournette, RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn, K Ryan Succop
Legend Players
TE Rob Gronkowski
  • MotherBuccaneers
  • Tompa BrAdY Buccaneers
  • The Brady Bucs
  • Tom Brady and the Heartbreakers
  • The Brady Bunch
  • Brady Bunch of Winners
  • Check My Balls
  • Deflate This
  • Deflated Balls
  • We GodWin with Tom Brady
  • You Play to Godwin the Game
  • Don’t You Fournette About Me
  • Murder Fournettes
  • Fournette About It!
  • The Less Fourtunette
  • Uncle Lenny
  • Don Julio
  • Me & Julio Down By the End Zone
  • Julio Jones-ing for a CHAMPIONSHIP
  • It’s Hard to Gage
  • Engagement
  • Gage the Room
  • Gettin a Gage On It
  • Trying to Gage what to do next
  • Fuel Gage
  • Rudolph Redzone Reindeer (Perfect around Christmas)
  • Scotty Miller Band
  • Miller Time
  • Miller High Life
  • Vaughn With the Wind
  • The Gift of Gab-bert
  • Arians It Out
  • Mr. Irrelevant (Ryan Succop)
  • Gronking It Up

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry's locker on display at the 2021 NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Titans Fans!

Top Players
QB Ryan Tannehill, QB Malik Willis, RB Derrick Henry, TE Austin Hooper, WR Robert Woods, WR Treylon Burks
  • Remember the Titans
  • Music City Miracle Workers
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Titan Up
  • The Tannehill Titans
  • King of the Hill
  • King of the Tannehill
  • Ryan Tannethrill!
  • Over the Tannehill
  • Run for the Hills
  • Hill Street Blues
  • High on a Hill Top
  • Tanne-saurus Rex
  • King Henry
  • The King and I
  • Derrick Yeti
  • Out of the Woods
  • Bobby Trees
  • Wild Boar Hunter (Treylon Burks)
  • Touch of Trey
  • 50 Shades of Trey
  • Burks Bees Wax
  • What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?
  • Whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis?
  • We Willis Rock You
  • I Willis Survive
  • Only Time Willis Tell
  • Good Willis Hunting
  • This Willis Be
  • Where There’s a WILLIS, There’s a Way
  • Willis Power
  • Wherever You Willis Go
  • Austin Powers
  • Hoop! There It Is
  • Jumping through Hoopers

The NFL Washington Redskins
A Washington Football Team fan all dressed up and face painted in Washington Football Team gear with his arm around a Washington Capitals Fan
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Commanders Fans!

Top Players
QB Carson Wentz, WR Terry McLaurin, WR Jahan Dotson, WR Curtis Samuel, RB Antonio Gibson, RB Brian Robinson, TE Logan Thomas, DE Chase Young, Coach Ron Rivera
  • Cobra Commanders
  • Commanders in Chief
  • The Manders
  • Washington Fantasy Football Team
  • WTF! (Washington Football Team)
  • Scorin’ McLaurin
  • McLaurin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’
  • McLaurin F1
  • Fear the Conseqwentzes
  • Earth, Wentz & Fire
  • Oh, I Wentz There
  • Slippery Wentz Wet
  • Young Lus
  • A Rivera Run Through It
  • Cry Me a Rivera
  • Riverboat Ron (Perfect if your name is also Ron)
  • Going Full Haynesworth

Did I miss a funny NFL Team fantasy football name? Please let me know in the comments.

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