The BEST Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team

Clever, funny, dirty, & crude Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team in 2021

A collection of NFL helmets at the 2021 NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0
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The BEST Clever & Funny Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team in 2022

A collection of NFL helmets on a wall at the 2021 NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, Ohio.
LErik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The first important decision you face this football season is crafting a Funny Fantasy Football Team Name!

This task can seem daunting trying to drum up something creative to name your fantasy team after. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Listed below are inspiring fantasy football names based on your favorite teams.

Some of these names are clever & funny. Some are dirty & crude. But they’re all guaranteed to make your leaguemates chuckle, and your fantasy season just a little more entertaining!

After this, catch the hilarious BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for 2021 broken down by all the NFL superstar players in the league!

Football fans, also make sure to check out the list of Holiday Fantasy Football Team Names to get your roster into the Christmas spirit!

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Fan Favorite Funny Fantasy Football Names for Every NFL Team in 2022

NFL Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and quarterback Kyler Murray celebrating a touchdown!
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Cardinals Fans!

Top Players
QB Kyler Murray, RB Chase Edmonds, RB James Conner, WR DeAndre Hopkins, WR A.J. Green, WR Christian Kirk, WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Rondale Moore, TE Zach Ertz, DE J.J. Watt, K Matt Prater, Coach Kliff Kingsbury
  • House Of Cards
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Raising Arizona
  • The Cardinal Rule
  • Breaking Cardinal Rules
  • Play Your Cards Right
  • The Cards Are Stacked
  • The Cards are Stacked Against You
  • Shuffle the Cards
  • Cards Trick
  • The Red Birds
  • Angry Birds
  • Revenge of the Birds
  • From A to Z
  • Air Raid
  • Horizontal Raid
  • RedZone
  • Red Alert
  • All the King’s Men
  • It’s Good To Be King
  • The King and I
  • There’s Something About Murray
  • Hail Murray
  • Cobra Ky
  • Natural Born Kylers
  • Eat, Drink, & Be Murray (Perfect in December)
  • Murray Christmas
  • Murray Up & Wait
  • Kyler MurrYaY
  • Kyler on the Loose
  • Kyler Soze
  • Kyler, will you Murray me?
  • The Chase Is On
  • Chasing Greatness
  • Chasing Points
  • Beats by DeAndre
  • DeAndre the Giant
  • Nuk
  • Nuklear Option
  • Nuklear Blast
  • Going Nuklear
  • Hopkins, Skip, & a Jump
  • DeAndre of Hope
  • DeAndre HopkWINS
  • DeAndre Hopkins University
  • DeAndre Way You Want It
  • Green New Deal
  • Green Initiative
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Green
  • I’m Seeing Green
  • Greener Pastures
  • Conner Air
  • Conner into Bed
  • Conner’s Comebackers
  • The Blonde Bombshell
  • Hit’em Where It Ertz
  • It Ertz So Good
  • Ertz So Good
  • So Good it Ertz
  • This Might Ertz
  • Love Ertz
  • My Ball Zach Ertz
  • It Ertz When I Pee
  • Ex-Zach-tly
  • The Milkman (J.J. Watt)
  • Say Watt?
  • Watt You Got?
  • Watt’s Up
  • Can I get a Watt Watt?
  • Watt More Could You Ask For?
  • Turn Down for Watt
  • Watt Time is It?
  • J.J. S.W.A.T.T.
  • Hot for Watt
  • No Secret AnyMoore
  • Gimme Moore
  • Moore to Love
  • Moore Money Moore Problems
  • Want some Moore?
  • Dare I Say Moore?
  • Would you like some Moore?
  • What Moore is there left to say?
  • Moore the Merrier
  • Giving You Fitz
  • Larry Legend
  • Livin’ on a Prater
  • Sooner or Prater

NFL Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan throwing the football against the Washington Football Team defense.
KA Sports Photos/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Falcons Fans!

Top Players
QB Matt Ryan, RB Mike Davis, WR Calvin Ridley, WR Russell Gage, TE Kyle Pitts, TE Hayden Hurst
  • Dirty Birds
  • Gritz Blitz (Falcons 1977 Defense)
  • The Second Half Doesn’t Count
  • Revenge of the Birds
  • The Birds
  • Angry Birds
  • Unicorn (Kyle Pitts)
  • Baby Gronk
  • I Pitts the Fool
  • Pitts Stop
  • Pitts Bull
  • Pitts Perfect
  • Up Pitts Creek
  • Pitts & Giggles
  • The Talented Mr. Ridley
  • Ridley Me This
  • Riddler Riddles
  • Ridley or Not
  • Get Ridley Of ‘Em
  • CalvWIN Ridley
  • Magic Mike
  • Want To Be Like Mike
  • Hurst & Goal
  • Matty Ice, Ice, Baby
  • nICE Guys Finish First
  • Saving Matt Ryan
  • It’s Hard to Gage
  • Engagement
  • Gage the Room
  • Gettin a Gage On It
  • Trying to Gage what to do next
  • Fuel Gage

NFL Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews doing a touchdown dance with teammate wide receiver Marquise Brown
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Ravens Fans!

Top Players
QB Lamar Jackson, RB J.K. Dobbins, RB Gus Edwards, WR Marquise Brown, WR Sammy Watkins, WR Rashod Bateman, TE Mark Andrews, K Justin Tucker
Legend Players
LB Ray Lewis, OL Marshal Yanda
  • Rantin’ & Raven
  • Purple Pain
  • That’s So Raven
  • Mark My Words
  • LAMARvel Cinematic Universe
  • Behind the 8-Ball
  • Action Jackson
  • Houdini
  • Superman
  • Lamar You Serious?
  • Lamar the Merrier! (Perfect in December)
  • View From Lamar
  • Lamar, Mr. Jackson if You’re Nasty
  • JacksOn, Jacks Off
  • What Can Brown do for You?
  • Hooray For Hollywood
  • Hollywood Squares
  • A Marquise Brown Christmas
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • This Is Gus
  • Magic School Gus
  • Get on the Bus Gus
  • Back Up the Gus
  • Gus Stop
  • Lizard King (Sammy Watkins)
  • Watkins on Sunshine
  • Uncle Sammy Wants You
  • Bateman Begins
  • Bateman Returns
  • Bateman & Dobbins
  • Bateman v Superman
  • The Bat Signal
  • Master Bateman
  • Bad Mother Tucker
  • All Tuckered Out
  • Ray Lewis’ House of Pain
  • What Yanda Do About It?
  • Yanda, Yanda, Yanda

NFL Buffalo Bills
NFL Buffalo Bills fan at a snowy Buffalo Bills football game

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Bills Fans!

Top Players
QB Josh Allen, QB Mitchell Trubisky, WR Stefon Diggs, WR Cole Beasley, WR Emmanuel Sanders, WR Gabriel Davis, RB Devin Singletary, RB Zack Moss, TE Dawson Knox, Coach Sean McDermott
Legend Players
QB Jim Kelly, QB Doug Flutie
  • Don’t Stop Billievin’
  • The Billievers
  • Billieve
  • Bills Backers
  • Dollar Bill$
  • Your Bills Are Due
  • I Got Bills I Gotta Play
  • The Bill Collectors
  • Bills to Pay
  • Unpaid Bills (Perfect in this Pandemic)
  • Buffa-low Expectations
  • Bills Mafia
  • Kill Bills
  • Electric Company (1970s Bills Offensive Line)
  • McD’s
  • Allen a Day’s Work
  • We’re Allen this Together
  • Allen the Family
  • It’s Allen the hips!
  • Allentown
  • I’m Just Josh-in’ You
  • Allen Wrench
  • Josh Stallion
  • Josh All-in
  • No Diggsity, No Doubt
  • Check out my Diggs
  • Can You Diggs It?
  • GraveDigger
  • Diggs-ing You a Grave
  • Young, Free, & Singletary
  • Uno Moss, Por Favor!
  • A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
  • Beasley Boys
  • Angel Gabriel
  • St. Gabriel the Archangel
  • Children of Gabriel
  • A Son Called Gabriel
  • Enter Sanders Man
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Head in the Sanders
  • Belt Sanders
  • Quick Sanders
  • Building Sanders Castles
  • Fort Knox
  • Tru Believers
  • Too Good to be Trubisky
  • Karma’s a Mitch
  • Mitch Please!
  • Trubisky Business
  • Mr. Biscuit
  • I Got Mitch Slapped
  • The Big Trubisky
  • Trubustky
  • Get Mitch or Die Tryin’
  • Life’s a Mitch
  • Son of a Mitch!
  • Resting Mitch Face
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • Flutie Flakes

NFL Carolina Panthers

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Panthers Fans!

Top Players
QB Sam Darnold, RB Christian McCaffrey, RB Chuba Hubbard, WR D.J. Moore, WR Robby Anderson, WR Terrace Marshall Jr., TE Dan Arnold, K Joey Slye, Coach Matt Rhule
Legend Players
LB Luke Kuechly
  • Carolina on My Mind
  • Carolina in My Mind
  • Panthers Rhule
  • Rhule Number One
  • The Sex Panthers
  • Cardiac Cats (2003 Panthers)
  • Kitty Whipped
  • Pink Panthers
  • Good Ole Christian Boys
  • Catch 22
  • Living the Christian Life
  • Christian Mingle
  • Sam’s Club
  • Mono Boy
  • Old McDarnold Had a Farm
  • Gimme Moore
  • Moore to Love
  • Want some Moore?
  • Dare I Say Moore?
  • Would you like some Moore?
  • What Moore is there left to say?
  • Moore Money Moore Problems
  • Moore the Merrier
  • DJ Moore of that Please
  • DJ Got Us Fallin in Love
  • Yo DJ
  • Wedding DJ
  • Hubba Hubba!
  • Dan The Man
  • You Slye Dog
  • As Slye As A Fox
  • Marshall Law
  • Marshall Mellow
  • The Marshall Terrace Band
  • Forgetting Terrace Marshall
  • Chronicles of Reddick (Haason Reddick)
  • Luke, I am Your Father
  • Kuech-in it Real

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Bears Fans!

Top Players
QB Andy Dalton, QB Justin Fields, QB Nick Foles, RB David Montgomery, RB Damien Williams, RB Khalil Herbert, WR Allen Robinson, WR Darnell Mooney, WR Dazz Newsome, TE Cole Kmet, TE Jimmy Graham, OL Khalil Mack, Coach Matt Nagy
Legend Players
Walter Payton, William Perry, Coach Mike Ditka, LB Brian Urlacher, RB Matt Forte, QB Jay Cutler
  • Da Bear Necessities
  • Chicago Mama Bears
  • Chicago Beers
  • Grin and Bear It
  • Bear Down
  • Monsters of the Midway
  • The Bad News Bears
  • Bad Knees Bears
  • Sweetness (Walter Payton)
  • The Refrigerator (William Perry)
  • Don’t Be So Nagy
  • Justin Case
  • Justin Time
  • BattleFields Tested
  • Fields So Good
  • Fields Day
  • King of the Fields
  • Outstanding in His Fields
  • Fields of Dreams
  • Love Is A Battlefield
  • Justin Fields Forever
  • Dalton Abbey
  • Red Rifle
  • Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson
  • We’re Allen this Together
  • Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood
  • Allen the Family
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Cops and Robinson
  • David MontgomerWEEEEEEEEE
  • Over the Moon
  • To the Mooney
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • Full Mooney
  • Blue Mooney
  • Tremoondous
  • Moonopoly
  • The Tight End Collector (Thank You The Fantasy Footballers)
  • Mack Attack
  • Big Mac
  • License to Khalil
  • To Khalil a Mockingbird
  • Coleplay
  • Kmet the Frog
  • Herbert’s Heroes
  • Herb Your Enthusiasm
  • Herbert & Spices
  • Give ’em the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle
  • The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Dazzles After the Catch
  • Newsomeworthy
  • Foles Me Once
  • Won’t Get Foles Again
  • Nick at Nite
  • You Got to Know When to Foles ‘Em
  • Foles House
  • I Pity the Foles
  • Whack-A-Foles
  • Big Dick Nick
  • Big Nick Energy
  • Old Saint Nick (Perfect for the Holidays)
  • Suck My Ditka
  • Forte inch Ditka
  • Moby Ditka
  • Winning is my Forte
  • Not Your Forte
  • The Forte Year Old Virgin
  • Forte Shades Of Grey
  • The Hurt Lacher
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler

NFL Cinncinnati Bengals

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Bengals Fans!

Top Players
QB Joe Burrow, RB Joe Mixon, WR Tee Higgins, WR Ja'Marr Chase, WR Tyler Boyd, Coach Zac Tayler
  • WHO DEY!
  • Not Your Average Joe’s
  • Cat Scratch Fever
  • Tiger King
  • Tiger Kings
  • Cattyshack
  • The Bungles
  • The Chase Is On
  • Chasing Greatness
  • Chasing A Title
  • Keep Chasing
  • Chasing Points
  • Nobody Chasing Me
  • Chasing You
  • Chasing the Other Nut
  • Chasing Tacos
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Tee It Up
  • Golden Tee
  • Spill the Tee
  • Ready, Set, Joe!
  • Grocery Store Joe (Thank You Bachelor Nation)
  • Joe Exotic
  • Joe Burrow is the Tiger King
  • Smoking Joe
  • Better Business Burrow
  • Beg, Steal, or Burrow
  • Bengal King
  • Joe Knows
  • Playing on Burrowed Time
  • Brother can I Burrow a Dime?
  • Burrowing his way to a 1st Down
  • Lock, Stock, & Burrow
  • jOe-HIO
  • Guns N’ Burrowes
  • Burrowito Bowl
  • Burrow these Balls
  • Friends in Burrow Places
  • Joe Migraine
  • Mixon It Up
  • Mixologists
  • The Mixon Administration
  • Mixon Match
  • Mix-On, Mix-Off (Karate Kid)
  • Taylor Made
  • Taylor Made To Win
  • Zac Taylor’s Fantasy Football Team
  • You’re My Boyd
  • TomBoydz
  • One of the Boyds
  • Null and Boyd
  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Booooooooooooyd!

NFL Cleveland Browns
The NFL Cleveland Browns helmet in front of lake Erie and the city of Cleveland skyline.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Browns Fans!

Top Players
QB Baker Mayfield, RB Nick Chubb, RB Kareem Hunt, WR Odell Beckham Jr., WR Jarvis Landry, WR Rashard Higgins, WR Donovan Peoples Jones, TE Austin Hooper, DE Myles Garrett, DE Jadeveon Clowney, OT Jack Conklin
  • Not the Same Old Browns
  • Brownies
  • Dawgs
  • Kardiac Kids (1980 Browns)
  • The Browns is The Browns!
  • Cleveland Rocks
  • Fifty Shades of Browns
  • Superman (Myles Garrett)
  • Satisfaction Garretteed
  • Myles to Go Before We Win
  • Myles Away from a Championship
  • Myles High Club
  • Insane Clowney Posse
  • In the Nick of Time
  • Nick at Nite
  • Big Nick Energy
  • Big Chubb Energy
  • Big Dick Nick
  • Nick the Quick
  • Nasty Nick
  • Hot Chubb Time Machine
  • Losing My Chubb
  • Chubby Chasers
  • Rub my Chubb
  • Morning Chubb
  • Old Saint Nick (Perfect for the Holidays)
  • Woke Up Feeling DAN6EROUS
  • The Fabulous Baker Boy
  • Half-Baked
  • Mayfield of Dreams
  • Baking Bad
  • Baker’s Dozen
  • We Mayfield a Team This Year
  • You Mayfield Some Pressure
  • Wake and Baker
  • The Butcher, the Baker, the Touchdown Maker
  • Baker’s Mark
  • Shake-n-Baker
  • Kareem of the Crop
  • Hunting for Points
  • On the Hunt
  • In the Hunt
  • Thick of the Hunt
  • Big Game Hunters
  • Big Game Hunting
  • The Hunt for Red October
  • The Hunt for Red Zone October
  • Krispy Kareem
  • Kareem Pie
  • Cookies & Kareem
  • Berries & Kareem
  • Kareem Cheese
  • Odellta Variant
  • Bend it Like Beckham
  • Saved by Odell
  • Odell’s Kitchen
  • Odell’s Bells
  • O…dell No!
  • Green Eggs & Beckham
  • TacOdell
  • Mr. Reliable (Donovan Peoples Jones)
  • The Peoples Champ
  • Austin Powers
  • Hoop! There It Is
  • Jumping through Hoopers
  • Straight out of Conklin
  • Landry Strip
  • Airing Out the Dirty Landry
  • Landry Service
  • You Got Clowned

The NFL Dallas Cowboys

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Cowboys Fans!

Top Players
QB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel Elliott, RB Tony Pollard, WR Amari Cooper, WR CeeDee Lamb, WR Michael Gallup, TE Blake Jarwin
  • America’s Fantasy Team
  • Big D
  • Jerry Jones Fantasy Team
  • Jerry’s World
  • Jerry Jones Entourage
  • The Boys Are Back in Town
  • Should’ve Been a Cowboy
  • Lonestar Stunners
  • Romotivation
  • Romotivated
  • Doomsday Defense
  • Dakstreet’s Back Alright
  • Dak Dynasty
  • I Won’t Dak Down
  • Dak to the Future
  • Prescott Your Luck
  • Full-court Prescott
  • Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back
  • Hit me with your Prescott
  • Dak in a Box
  • Come to the DAKside
  • That’s my QuarterDak
  • Baby Got Dak
  • Dakstreet Boys
  • Unsolicited Dak Pics
  • The Fortress
  • Silence of the Lamb
  • Cee Dees Nuts
  • La La Lamb
  • Now You Cee Dee, Now You Don’t
  • High-Yield CeeDee
  • That’s What CeeDee Said
  • AB CeeDee
  • CeeDee Burner
  • Lamb Skewers
  • CDC Lamb
  • CeeDeeCee Guidelines
  • Amari Cooped-Up
  • Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper
  • Giorgio Amari
  • That’s Amari!
  • It’s Too Late to Say Amari?
  • Have Amari Christmas (Perfect for Fantasy Playoffs)
  • Storm Coopers
  • Zeke the Freak
  • Zeke-A Virus
  • Ez-E Duz It
  • From A to Zeke
  • Zeke and Ye Shall Find the End Zone
  • Get your Zeke On
  • Hide & Zeke
  • Zeke Squad
  • Zeke and Destroy
  • A Zeke Outlook
  • Zeke of Nature
  • Tony! Toni! Tone!
  • Galluping to a Championship
  • Blake Out! (Thank You The Fantasy Footballers)
  • Blake Out Drunk
  • Quinntisential (Dan Quinn)
  • Primetime (Deion Sanders)

NFL Denver Broncos
Empty stadium seats with the Broncos logo in the background at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Broncos Fans!

Top Players
QB Teddy Bridgewater, QB Drew Lock, RB Javonte Williams, RB Melvin Gordon, WR Courtland Sutton, WR Jerry Jeudy, WR K.J. Hamler, TE Noah Fant, LB Von Miller, QB John Elway
  • Mile High Club
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • The Denver Mint
  • Mile High Heels
  • Orange Crush (1970s Broncos Defense)
  • The Three Amigos (Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, & Ricky Nattiel)
  • The Three Amigos Ride Again
  • Hung Like a Bronco
  • Save a Bronco, Ride a Cowboy
  • Raider Hater
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Teddy’s Bridge Game
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Water Under the Bridge
  • Miller Time
  • Miller High Life
  • Von Diesel
  • It’s Von Like Donkey Kong
  • Sutton To Believe In
  • Always up to Sutton
  • Sutton’s Going On
  • All of a Sutton
  • Sutton Funny Is Going On Here
  • Call of Jeudy
  • Call of Jeudy: Fantasy Warfare
  • Judge Jeudy
  • Jeudy’s In the Eye of the Beholder
  • Fant-asy Team
  • FANTasy Come True
  • The Fantom Menace
  • Ain’t Noah Stoppin’ This
  • We Noah A Good Thing When We See It
  • Noah Fantastic!
  • You Fant Touch This
  • Up to Noah Good
  • What do you Noah ‘Bout It?
  • You’re Noah Good
  • Hamler Time
  • Green Eggs and Hamler
  • Elway or the Highway
  • Drew Lockdown

NfL Detroit Lions

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Lions Fans!

Top Players
QB Jared Goff, RB D'Andre Swift, RB Jamaal Williams, WR Tyrell Williams, WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, TE T.J. Hockenson
Legend Players
RB Barry Sanders
  • One Pride
  • Detroit Rock City
  • I Ain’t Lion
  • Lion Low
  • Lionesses (Perfect for the Lady Detroit Fan)
  • He Went to Jared
  • Goffensive MVP
  • Goff and Running
  • I’m About to Go Goff
  • Nothing to Goff At
  • Goff Balls
  • Picked Goff
  • Shake it Goff
  • Turn Goff the Lights
  • Turn Your Head and Goff
  • Jack Goff
  • Jack Me Goff
  • No Days Goff
  • Hocked & Loaded
  • Hockenson Big Loogie
  • Ad Hockenson
  • Ad Hockenson Committee
  • Swift Retreat
  • Swift & Sassy
  • Swifties
  • Swift Kick In the Ass
  • Get Swifty
  • St. Brown Sugar (Thank you Rolling Stones)
  • St. Brown Eyed Girl
  • Okudah Matata (Jeffrey Okudah)
  • Barry Good

NFL Green Bay Packers
NFL Green Bay Packers fans dressed in crazy outfits at a Green Bay Packers game
Mike Morbeck/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Packers Fans!

Top Players
QB Aaron Rodgers, QB Jordan Love, RB Aaron Jones, RB AJ Dillion, WR Davante Adams, WR Allen Lazard, WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR Randall Cobb, WR Amari Rodgers, TE Robert Tonyan, K Mason Crosby, Coach Matt LaFleur
Legend Players
QB Brett Favre
  • Titletown
  • Top of the Pack
  • The Green Bowl Packers
  • Pack It Up, Pack It In, Let Me Begin
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy
  • Leader of the Pack
  • The Cheese Stands Alone
  • Riding in my Lambeau
  • Green Babe Packers
  • Pack-Man
  • Lambeaughinis
  • Pack It In
  • Cheeseheads
  • The Bears Still Suck
  • One LaFleur Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  • The Lone Rodgers
  • The King in the North
  • Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood
  • Rodgers That
  • I Own You
  • Aarogenous Zone
  • Aaron It Out
  • Aaron Out My Balls
  • Aaron on the Side of Caution
  • Armed Rodgery
  • Rodgering
  • Who Framed Rodgers Rabbit
  • Davante’s Inferno
  • Up and Adams
  • Aaron Jones-ing for a CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Jonesin’ for a Hit
  • Jones-ing For a Touchdown
  • Jones-ing For a Win
  • Mr. Jones
  • Game of Jones
  • Lazard Focus
  • Lazard Beam
  • Lazard Pointer
  • The Lazard King
  • Love Shack
  • Love Train
  • Love Is A Battlefield
  • Don’t LOVE That
  • No Jordanary Love
  • AJ Villain
  • Giorgio Amari
  • That’s Amari!
  • It’s Too Late to Say Amari?
  • Have Amari Christmas (Perfect for Fantasy Playoffs)
  • Favre Dollar Footlong

NFL Houston Texans

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Texans Fans!

Top Players
QB Deshaun Watson, QB Tyrod Taylor, QB Davis Mills, RB David Johnson, RB Phillip Lindsay, RB Rex Burkhead, WR Brandin Cooks, WR KeKe Coutee, WR Anthony Miller, TE Jordan Akins
  • Houston, We Have a Problem
  • Houston, We Have A Touchdown!
  • Don’t Mess With Texas
  • Phil the Pain
  • Temporary Linsanity
  • Symptoms of Linsanity
  • Taylor Made
  • T-Mobile
  • Taylor Made To Win
  • Tim the Tyrod Taylor
  • In Tyrod We Trust
  • TyGod
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Masters & Johnson
  • The Big Johnson
  • DJ Got Us Fallin in Love
  • David Beat Goliath
  • David vs Goliath
  • David and Goliath
  • Michelangelo’s David Johnson
  • MegaWatson
  • DeShaun in 60 Seconds
  • Watson In Your Wallet
  • Elementary! My Dear Watson
  • Who’s on First, Watson Second
  • Watson Your Mind
  • Watson, Watsoff
  • Deshaun of the Dead
  • Captain Concussion (Brandin Cooks)
  • Can You Smell What I’m Cooking
  • Cooking Up Some Yards
  • Cooking Competition
  • Cookin’ the Competition
  • To Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  • Miller Time
  • General Mills
  • Run of the Mills
  • Run of the Mills Job
  • KeKe, Do You Love Me?
  • Give Good Burkhead
  • Burkhead of the Class
  • Rex-N-Effect
  • Rex Appeal

NFL Indianapolis Colts

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Colts Fans!

Top Players
QB Carson Wentz, RB Jonathan Taylor, RB Nyheim Hines, RB Marlon Mack, WR T.Y. Hilton, WR Michael Pittman Jr., WR Parris Campbell, TE Jack Doyle, TE Mo Alie-Cox, Coach Frank Reich Owner Jim Irsay
  • Colt Following
  • Indy Pale Ale
  • Price is Reich
  • Irsay It Ain’t So
  • Carson Wentz’s Bible Study
  • The Make-A-Wentz Foundation
  • Wentz Upon a Time
  • Fear the Conseqwentzes
  • Wentz it Rains it Pours
  • Oh, I Wentz There
  • You Only Live Wentz
  • Slippery Wentz Wet
  • Under the Influwentz
  • Fear the Conseqwentzes
  • Just Say Wentz
  • Wentz, Twice — Three Times a Lady
  • From Wentz You Came
  • Mercedes Wentz
  • The Sixth Wentz
  • Taylor Made for a Breakout
  • Taylor Made To Win
  • Jonathan the Toolman Taylor
  • Taylor Made
  • Monster Cox
  • Mo Money Mo Problems
  • Return of the Mack
  • Born to Mack
  • Mack Attack
  • Big Mack
  • Baby Got Mack
  • Parris Hilton
  • Parris is Burning
  • We’ll Always Have Parris
  • T.Y. Very Much
  • T.Y. Next
  • Racking Up Hilton Points
  • Doyle-ing Out Points
  • Doyle Rules!

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Jaguars Fans!

Top Players
QB Trevor Lawrence, QB Gardner Minshew, RB James Robinson, RB Travis Etienne, RB Carlos Hyde, WR D.J. Chark, WR Laviska Shenault Jr., WR Marvin Jones Jr., TE Tim Tebow, Coach Urban Meyer 
  • Tanking For Trevor
  • Blood, Sweat, & Teal
  • Jaguarnaut
  • Jaguar King
  • Cattyshack
  • Urban Legend
  • Urban Myths
  • Urban Outfitters
  • In Memory of Tebowing
  • Smells Like Tebow Spirit
  • Tim Tebows Bible Camp
  • The Big Tebowski
  • What Would Tebow Do?
  • Tiny Time
  • I Have A Tebowner
  • Sunshine (Trevor Lawrence)
  • Brush With The Law
  • Law & Order
  • New Law & Order
  • Breaking the Law
  • School of Law
  • Law School
  • The Best Law School
  • Law Office of Trevor, Robinson, & Chark
  • Law Office of Trevor, Robinson, & Shenault
  • Newton’s Law (Perfect if you roster both Cam Newton & Trevor Lawrence)
  • Newton’s First Law
  • The Inverse Law
  • First Lawsuit
  • Mother-in-Law
  • Brother-in-Law
  • Trevor Lawrence of Arabia
  • Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville
  • Heat Lightning (Travis Etienne)
  • The Blazin’ Cajun
  • ET
  • ET Don’t Go Home
  • Is This Real ET? Or Just Fantasy?
  • Et tu, Brute?
  • Chark Week
  • Chark Attack
  • Baby Chark
  • Don’t Go Breaking My Chark
  • Livin Laviska Loca
  • Hasta Laviska, baby!
  • Thou Shenault Pass
  • Dr. Jekyll and Carlos Hyde
  • Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hyde
  • Marvin On Up
  • Jonesin’ for a CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Jonesin’ for a Hit
  • Jones-ing For a Touchdown
  • Jones-ing For a Win
  • Game of Jones
  • The Man, The Minshew, The Legend
  • Minshew Mania
  • The Minstache
  • Minshew Me What You Got
  • The Constant Gardner
  • The Minshew Fits
  • Chaisson Greatness (K’Lavon Chaisson)

NFL Kansas City Chiefs
A Kansas City Chiefs NFL helmet

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Chiefs Fans!

Top Players
QB Patrick Mahomes, WR Tyreek Hill, WR Mecole Hardman, TE Travis Kelce, RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB Darrel Williams, SS Tyrann Mathieu, Coach Andy Reid
  • Commander In Chiefs
  • You Got That, Chief?
  • Chiefs Kingdom
  • We’re Not in Kansas City Anymore
  • Chiefs Executive Officer
  • The Chefs
  • Reid’em & Weep
  • Reid the Defense
  • Reid Option
  • Reid All About It
  • Mahomes Field Advantage
  • Never Leaving Mahomes
  • Working from Mahomes (Appropriate for 2021)
  • Stay in Mahomes (Also perfect for 2021)
  • Stay at Mahomes
  • Mahome Improvement
  • Straight Cash Mahomie
  • Pat’s Tricks
  • Pat’s Blue Ribbon
  • Cooking with Mahomies
  • The Musician (Because he plays like jazz)
  • P. Diddy Mahomes
  • Post Mahomes
  • Take Mahomes, I’m Drunk
  • The 500 Million Dollar Man
  • Mahomes Don’t Play That
  • Saint Patrick
  • Take Mahomes Tonight
  • Mahoming In
  • Sherlock Mahomes
  • Welcome to Mahomes
  • Honey, I’m Mahomes
  • Mahomes Depot
  • Mahomes, Your Home
  • Mahohohomes (Perfect for Christmas)
  • Mahomes for the Holidays
  • I’ll Mahomes for Christmas
  • All I Want for Christmas is Patrick Mahomes
  • The Lights Are On But No One’s Mahomes
  • Mahomes Alone
  • No Place Like Mahomes
  • Mahomes Cookin’
  • Rollin’ With Mahomies
  • Mahomes Is Where the Heart Is
  • Home Sweet Mahomes
  • The Gunslinger
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  • Kelce & The Sunshine Band
  • What a Travis-ty
  • Kelce Lately
  • Kelce Grammer
  • InKelcequential
  • The Cheetah
  • TyReek Havoc
  • King of the Hill
  • High on a Hill Top
  • Over the Hill
  • Get Your Tyreek On
  • Run for the Hills
  • TyFreak Hill
  • Dolla Dolla Hill
  • This Is My Brother Darrel And My Other Brother Darrel
  • The Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu)
  • The Landlord (Tyrann Mathieu)
  • The Nigerian Nightmare (Christian Okoye)

NFL Las Vegas Raiders
NFL Raiders fans giving the middle finger at the Raiders football game.

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Raiders Fans!

Top Players
QB Derek Carr, QB Marcus Mariota, RB Josh Jacobs, RB Kenyan Drake, WR John Brown, WR Henry Ruggs III, WR Willie Snead IV, TE Darren Waller
  • Raider Nation
  • Vegas Baby!
  • Going to Vegas, Baby!
  • The Oakland Traitors
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Just Win, Baby!
  • The Black and Silver Hole
  • Raiders of the Lost Yards
  • Raiders of the Lost QB
  • Balls to the Wall
  • Balls to the Waller
  • You’re My WonderWaller
  • Darren Lies the Truth
  • I wish I was little bit taller I wish I was a Waller
  • I wish I was little bit taller I wish I was a Baller
  • Waller the Baller
  • Waller’s Ballers
  • Wanna be a Waller, shot caller
  • Y’aller Gon’ Get It
  • Ain’t No Wallerback Girl
  • Wolf of Waller Street
  • Freeballers
  • If these bathroom Wallers could talk
  • I Am The Wallerus
  • Pink Floyd’s The Waller
  • Baby, You Can Drive My Carr
  • Make AmeriCarr Great Again
  • Weekend Carr Show
  • Start the Carr
  • Carr-ted off the Field
  • Dude, Where’s my Carr?
  • Carr-dee B
  • A Carr is Born
  • BaCarrdi Rum
  • You Got a Fast Carr
  • What Can Brown Do For You?
  • It’s Gettin’ Smokey in Here
  • Ruggs Burns
  • A Ruggs Life
  • King Henry Ruggs III
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt
  • Just Joshin’
  • Drake’s New Favorite Team
  • Kenyan Stop Me From Scoring?
  • I Do What I Kenyan
  • Kenyan & Barbie
  • Yes We Kenyan!
  • Wake ‘n’ Drake
  • Life is what you Drake it
  • Drake It ‘Til You Make It
  • Fake it ‘Til You Drake It
  • Grand Kenyan
  • Need IV Snead
  • Super Mario-ta
  • Mariota Had a Little Lamb
  • Nathan Peterman’s Hot Dog Stand

Los Angeles Chargers stadium during a game with hundreds of blue Chargers flags waving in the air.

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Chargers Fans!

Top Players
QB Justin Herbert, RB Austin Ekeler, WR Keenan Allen, WR Mike Williams, TE Jared Cook, K Michael Badgley, DE Joey Bosa
Legend Players
Antonio Gates
  • Superchargers
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Air Coryell (1981 San Diego Chargers)
  • Herbert’s Heroes
  • Herb Your Enthusiasm
  • Herbert & Spices
  • 11 Secret Herbs and Spices
  • Justin Time
  • Herb
  • Austin Powers
  • Austin City Limits
  • Awesome Ekeler
  • Allen the Family
  • Allen a Day’s Work
  • We’re Allen this Together
  • Allen Key
  • It’s Allen the hips!
  • Allen Wrench
  • Did I throw an Allen wrench into your plans?
  • Throw an Allen Wrench Into the Works
  • Don’t Spend It Allen One Place
  • Allen Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go (Story of 2021)
  • He Went To Jared
  • Can You Smell What I’m Cooking?
  • Cook-ing Up Some Yards
  • Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  • Big Mike
  • Magic Mike
  • All About That Bosa
  • Badgley of Honor
  • The Money Badger (Michael Badgley)
  • The Gates of Victory
  • The Gates of Hell

Los Angeles Rams

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Rams Fans!

Top Players
QB Matthew Stafford, QB John Wolford, WR Cooper Kupp, WR Robert Woods, WR DeSean Jackson, WR Tutu Atwell, RB Darrell Henderson Jr., RB Sony Michel, TE Tyler Higbee, DT Aaron Donald
  • Guts, Glory, Rams
  • Grab Life by the Horns
  • LA Mafia
  • RAMblin and Gamblin
  • The Fearsome Foursome (Merlin Olsen, Jack Youngblood, Fred Dryer, & Larry Brooks)
  • God Bless Ramerica
  • The Rammers
  • The Greatest Show on Turf (The 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams)
  • The Bull Elephant Backfield (Rams running backs of the 1950s)
  • Stafford Wives
  • Stafford & Son
  • Stafford Motor Company
  • Stafford Motor Co.
  • Built StafFORD Tough
  • Stafford Infection
  • Stafford Artois
  • Out of the Woods
  • Hanging With Mr. Cooper
  • Kupp Check
  • Pour Some Drank in My Kupp
  • My Kupp Runneth Over
  • This Is My Brother Darrell And My Other Brother Darrell
  • Sony Side Up
  • The Sony Side of Life
  • Sony With A Chance
  • My Little Sony
  • Say It Ain’t Sony
  • Tyler HigBeast
  • Tyler CouldBee (Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)
  • The Terminator (Aaron Donald)
  • DeSean Jackson 5
  • Plays Atwell with Others
  • Here to Win Not Chit Chat
  • Do It Atwell
  • Atwell Done
  • Job Atwell Done
  • Get Atwell Soon
  • Oh Atwell
  • Quit Da Chit Chat
  • The Chit Chat Crew
  • The Wolford of Wall Street

A Miami Dolphins fan with a Miami Dolphins logo in his mohawk.
Nathan Rupert/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Dolphins Fans!

Top Players
QB Tua Tagovailoa, WR DeVante Parker, WR Will Fuller V, WR Jaylen Waddle, WR Preston Williams, RB Myles Gaskin, RB Malcolm Brown, RB Salvon Ahmed, TE Mike Gesicki, K Jason Sanders 
  • The Fins
  • The Fish
  • Miami Vice
  • Miami Sound Machine
  • Fin It to Win It
  • The Killer Bees (1982 Dolphins Defense)
  • No-Name Defense (1972 Dolphins Defense)
  • Take Me Tua Title
  • Born Tua be Wild
  • Tua be continued…
  • Tag You’re It
  • Tag Me In
  • Tua Legit Tua Quit
  • Cheers Tuas
  • Born Tua Be Wild
  • Just the Tua Us
  • The Flying V
  • Where There’s a WILL, There’s a Way 
  • You’re Fuller of S***
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Fuller House
  • Fuller Up!
  • Running on Gaskins
  • 100 Myles and Runnin’
  • Pumping Gaskins
  • Passing Gaskins
  • The Gas Man
  • Running Out Of Gaskins
  • Laughing Gaskins
  • Gaskin Station
  • Myles High Club
  • Gas City
  • Myles to Go Before We Win
  • Myles Away from a Championship
  • Six Myles
  • I Can See for Myles and Myles
  • Myles to Go Before I Sleep
  • I Would Walk 500 Myles
  • Gaskin Robbins
  • Walk in the Parker
  • Illegal Parker
  • Gesicki To My Stomach
  • Magic (Jaylen Waddle)
  • Blow Your Waddle
  • Waddle It Be?
  • WaddleVision
  • Waddle I Do Without You?
  • Waddle Around Town
  • Waddle House
  • Preston Your Luck
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • Better Call Sal
  • Building Sanders Castles
  • Enter Sanders Man
  • Head in the Sanders
  • Quick Sanders
  • Belt Sanders

The NFL Minnesota Vikings
NFL Minnesota Vikings Mascot at a Minnesota Vikings game

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Vikings Fans!

Top Players
QB Kirk Cousins, RB Dalvin Cook, RB Alexander Mattison, WR Justin Jefferson, WR Adam Thielen, TE Irv Smith Jr., SS Harrison Smith, LB Anthony Barr, Coach Mike Zimmer
  • The Minneapolis Miracle!
  • Purple People Eaters
  • Riding with the ViKing
  • Skol Vikings!
  • SKOL Brothers
  • Skol House Rocks
  • You Vike That?
  • Purple Reign
  • The ViKing of Football
  • ViKings of Leon
  • ViKing of the Road
  • Magic Skol Bus
  • Zimmersive Expericence
  • Zimmer Down Now
  • A Viking walks into a Barr
  • Anthony Barr Rescue
  • Raising the Barr
  • The Jeffersons
  • Justin Time
  • Justin Case
  • Fathers & JefferSons
  • JefferSon of a Gun
  • Sunday Cook Out
  • Can You Smell What I’m Cooking?
  • Cooking up some yards
  • Cooking Competition
  • Cookin’ the Competition
  • To Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  • Can’t Stop This Thielen
  • Catching Theilens
  • Thielen Good
  • I Gotta Thielen
  • That Lovin’ Thielen
  • Hooked on a Thielen
  • More Than A. Thielen
  • Thielen Like Makin’ Love
  • I’m Thielen This
  • Up and Adam
  • Captain Kirks
  • Battle of DunKirk
  • Kirkland Signature
  • First Cousins
  • I’m With Your Cousins
  • Kissing Cousins
  • Thielen up my Cousins
  • My Name is Alexander Mattison (Hamilton Reference)
  • The Heartbreak Kid (Harrison Smith)
  • Bonecrusher
  • Dirty Harry
  • Gangster White Boy
  • The Hitman

NFL New England Patriots

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Patriots Fans!

Top Players
QB Mac Jones, WR Jakobi Meyers, WR Nelson Agholor, WR Kendrick Bourne, TE Hunter Henry, TE Jonnu Smith, RB Damien Harris, RB Rhamondre Stevenson, RB James White, K Nick Folk, Coach Bill Belichick, Owner Robert Kraft
Legend Players
QB Tom Brady, TE Rob Gronkowski, WR Julian Edelman
  • The Patriot Way
  • Evil Empire
  • Boston TE Party
  • Homeland Defense
  • The Patsies
  • In Bill We Trust
  • Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
  • Belickick University
  • Robert Kraft’s Massage Therapist
  • Arts & Krafts
  • Big Game Hunter
  • ManHunter
  • The Hunter Games
  • Bounty Hunter
  • King Henry
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • Full Nelson
  • The Joker (Mac Jones)
  • Return of the Mac
  • Mr. Jones
  • Big Mac
  • Mac Attack
  • Born to Mac
  • Game of Jones
  • Jonesing For a Touchdown
  • Jonesing For a Win
  • Jonesing for a CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Notre Damien
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • The Bourne Supremacy
  • Ladies & Edelman
  • An Officer and an Edelman
  • Julian Edelman’s Tinder Date
  • I Don’t Give A Folk

NFL New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints super fans all dressed up in Saints gear.
B.C. Lorio/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Saints Fans!

Top Players
QB Jameis Winston, QB Taysom Hill, RB Alvin Kamara, RB Latavius Murray, WR Michael Thomas, TE Adam Trautman, K Will Lutz, Coach Sean Payton
Legend Players
Drew Brees, RB Craig Heyward
  • Who Dat Nation
  • Dome Patrol (Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Pat Swilling, & Vaughan Johnson)
  • No One Likes Atlanta
  • Saints & Sinners
  • The Big Easy
  • Who Dat?
  • French Quarter Comeback
  • The Aint’s
  • Ragin’ Cajuns
  • Use Your ImaginaSean
  • Payton’s Places
  • Where is Michael Thomas?
  • Thomasters of the Universe
  • Want To Be Like Mike
  • Magic Mike
  • Lights, Kamara, Action
  • Kamara’s A Bitch
  • Kamara Sutra
  • Instant Kamara
  • Super Kamario
  • Captain Kamaraca
  • Kamara Virus
  • Caught on Kamara
  • Kamara Shy
  • The Kamara Adds 10 Pounds
  • Chevy Kamara
  • Toyota Kamara
  • Alvin Cum Mora
  • You Winston Some, You Lose Some
  • All I do is Winston
  • Jameis’ Crab Shack
  • Taysoms of Anarchy
  • Taysom of a Bitch
  • King of the Hill
  • High on a Hill Top
  • Over the Hill
  • Run for the Hills
  • You Win Some, You Taysom
  • Adam Bomb
  • Up and Adam
  • Murray Up and Wait
  • Lutz Get Down to Business
  • Lutz Get Physical
  • Cam Jordan Rules
  • Winning’s a Brees
  • Brees Through the Competition
  • Win, Lose or Drew
  • Passing is a Brees
  • Easy, Breesy, Beautiful CoverGirl
  • Breesy like Sunday Morning​
  • Going to Brees right Bayou
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Breesy
  • Summer Brees
  • Feel the Brees
  • Life’s a Brees
  • The Big Breesy
  • Mountain Drew
  • Mountin’ Drew
  • Call Me the Brees
  • Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy
  • 3 Blind Refs
  • Bounty Boys
  • Ironhead (Craig Heyward)

The NFL New York Giants

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Giants Fans!

Top Players
QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, WR Kenny Golladay, WR Sterling Shepard, WR Darius Slayton, WR Kadarius Toney, TE Evan Engram, TE Kyle Rudolph
Legend Players
QB Eli Manning, DE Michael Strahan, RB Tiki Barber
  • Big Blue Wrecking Crew
  • Crunch Bunch (Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson, Brad Van Pelt, & Brian Kelley)
  • G-Women
  • G-Men
  • Thunder and Lightning (Tiki Barber & Ron Dayne)
  • Carrying the Tiki Torch
  • Earth, Wind & Fire (Running backs Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, & Derrick Ward)
  • One Fine Golladay
  • Happy Golladays
  • The Golladay Season
  • Home for the Golladay
  • Golladay Inn Express
  • Let Kenny G Play a Little Longer
  • Saquaratine Barkley
  • SaQuads
  • Quadzilla
  • Another ‘Quon Bites the Dust
  • All Barkley, All Bite
  • Saquon for the Team
  • Barkleying up the Wrong Tree
  • My Barkley is Louder Than My Bite
  • King Quon
  • Watch What You Saquon
  • Oh Saquon Can You See…
  • Saquontum Leap
  • For Goodness Saquon
  • Quon Solo
  • DJ’s Jazzy Giants
  • Danny Dimes
  • Game of Jones
  • Jonesing for a Touchdown
  • Jonesing for a Win
  • Here to Slay
  • Sterling Record
  • Sterling Silver
  • Rudolph Redzone Reindeer (Perfect around Christmas)
  • Toney! Toney! Toney!
  • The Playbook of Eli
  • Manning of Steel
  • Mo’ Manning, Mo’ Problems

NFL New York Jets

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Jets Fans!

Top Players
QB Zach Wilson, WR Corey Davis, WR Jamison Crowder, WR Elijah Moore, WR Denzel Mims, RB Tevin Coleman, RB Michael Carter, TE Chris Herndon, TE Tyler Kroft
Legend Players
QB Joe Namath, QB Mark Sanchez RB Frank Gore
  • Just Endure The Suffering
  • New York Sack Exchange (Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons, & Abdul Salaam)
  • Gang Green
  • #frankgoreforever
  • Zach Attack
  • Good Wilson Hunting
  • WILSON! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Wilson
  • Jamison Rocks
  • Shot of Jamison Crowder
  • Standing Out in the Crowder
  • Louder with Crowder
  • Three’s A Crowder
  • Crowder Control
  • Sold Out Crowder
  • Crowder Heads
  • Crowder Headz
  • No Secret AnyMoore
  • Gimme Moore
  • Moore to Love
  • Dare I Say Moore?
  • Would you like some Moore?
  • Moore Money Moore Problems
  • Moore the Merrier
  • DM me
  • Slide Into Your D. Mims
  • Hit Me In My DM’s
  • Stairway to Tevin
  • I Only Drink Kroft Beers
  • Broadway Joe (Joe Namath)
  • Say My Namath
  • Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers

NFL Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles mascot at a Philadelphia Eagles parade

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Eagles Fans!

Top Players
QB Jalen Hurts, QB Joe Flacco, RB Miles Sanders, RB Boston Scott, RB Kenneth Gainwell, WR DeVonta Smith, WR Jalen Reagor, TE Dallas Goedert, CB Darius Slay
  • Philly Phaithful
  • Fly Like an Eagle
  • Blitz, Inc. (Eagles Defense from 1999-2004)
  • No Phly Zone
  • Root of All Eagles
  • Angry Birds
  • Fly Eagles Fly!
  • The Dirty Birds
  • So Good it Hurts
  • Hurts So Good
  • Come on Jalen make it Hurts so good
  • Come on baby, make it Hurts so good
  • Jalen Hurts your chances of winning
  • Hurts no more!
  • Love Hurts
  • The Big Hurts
  • Everybody Hurts
  • Jalen Hurts Don’t It
  • MegaHurts
  • The Hurts Locker
  • Slim Reaper (DeVonta Smith)
  • Rydeout
  • Smitty
  • 100 Miles and Runnin’
  • Miles High Club
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Enter Sanders Man
  • Belt Sanders
  • Head in the Sanders
  • Quick Sanders
  • Building Sanders Castles
  • Six Miles
  • I Can See for Miles and Miles
  • Miles to Go Before I Sleep
  • Miles to Go Before We Win
  • Miles Away from a Championship
  • I Would Walk 500 Miles
  • Reagor Bombs
  • Here to Slay
  • Great Scott!
  • Scott Free
  • Getting Off Scott Free
  • No Pain, No Gainwell
  • No Gain Without Pain
  • A lot to Gainwell
  • Much to Gainwell
  • Gaining on You
  • Gaining Yards
  • Waco For Flacco
  • Frosted Flaccos

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Steelers Fans!

Top Players
QB Ben Roethlisberger, RB Najee Harris, RB Benny Snell, WR Diontae Johnson, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR Chase Claypool, TE Eric Ebron, CB Joe Haden, FS Minkah Fitzpatrick, Coach Mike Tomlin
  • Steeler Nation
  • Men of Steel
  • Steel Curtain
  • Steel Trap
  • Blitzburgh
  • Franco’s Italian Army (Fans of 1970s running back Franco Harris)
  • Gerela’s Gorillas (Fans of kicker Roy Gerela)
  • The Black and Gold
  • Straight Outta Tomlin
  • Najee by Nature
  • American Najee Warrior
  • Baby Huey (Najee Harris)
  • Rydeout (Najee Harris)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • A Hill To Diontae
  • Masters & Johnson
  • The Chase Is On
  • Chasing Greatness
  • Chasing A Title
  • Keep Chasing
  • Chasing Points
  • Nobody Chasing Me
  • Chasing You
  • Chasing the Other Nut
  • Chasing Tacos
  • Chasing the Sun
  • The Big Johnson
  • All About the Benjamins
  • Where you Ben all my life?
  • Bend Over
  • Bend Over & Take It
  • Bent Over
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin’s Touchdowns
  • First & Ben
  • Sixbergers with Cheese
  • Roethlisberger Helper
  • Junior Bacon Roethlisberger
  • I Like Hines 57 on My Roethlisberger
  • Haden Go Seek
  • Good JuJu
  • Bad JuJu
  • JuJu on that Beat
  • Snells Like Team Spirit
  • Oooh that Snell
  • Snell You Later
  • Whoever Snelled It, Dealt It
  • Snell Yeah!
  • Fitz of Passion
  • Strange Fitz of Passion
  • Hissy Fitz
  • 99 Problems, But a Fitz Ain’t One
  • Giving You Fitz
  • I’ll Give You Fitz
  • Giving Opponents Fitz
  • The Bus (Jerome Bettis)
  • The Samoan Headhunter (Troy Polamalu)
  • Tasmanian Devil (Troy Polamalu)

NFL San Francisco 49ers

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for 49ers Fans!

Top Players
QB Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Trey Lance, TE George Kittle, RB Raheem Mostert, RB Trey Sermon, RB Elijah Mitchell, WR Deebo Samuel, WR Brandon Aiyuk, WR Jalen Hurd, K Robbie Gould, DE Nick Bosa, Coach Kyle Shanahan 
  • 49ers Faithful
  • 4th and 9ers
  • Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er
  • The Streets of San Francisco
  • YAC Bros (Yards After the Catch – Deebo Samuel/George Kittle/Brandon Aiyuk)
  • Shanahanigans
  • 50 Shades of Trey
  • Freelancer
  • Freelancing
  • Freelancing Females
  • Sir Lancelot
  • First Knight of the Round Table
  • First Knight of the Endzone
  • Lance A Lot
  • Brandon Aiyukidding Me
  • Hurd Immunity
  • Finding Deebo
  • How Deebo Is Your Love
  • Son Of Samuel
  • Kittles…Taste the Endzone
  • Kittles…Taste the Rainbow
  • Kittle One
  • Kittle N’ Blitz
  • Kittle N’ Bits
  • Kittle League
  • Kittle Caboodle
  • Pot Calling the Kittle Black
  • Pretty Kittle Liars
  • Kittle Big Town
  • Mostert Likely to Succeed
  • Raheem Must Start
  • Hostess with the Mostert
  • Ketchup & Mostert
  • Put Some Mostert On It
  • Colonel Mostert
  • Elijah Missile (Thank you The Fantasy Footballers)
  • Sunday Sermon
  • All About That Bosa
  • Nick of Time
  • Good As Gould
  • Heart of Gould
  • Gould Rush
  • Gould Diggers
  • Gouldmember
  • Primetime (Deion Sanders)

NFL Seattle Seahawks
A Seattle Seahawks 12th man fan with a neon green and blue mohawk and the number 12 in bright white on the side of his head 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Seahawks Fans!

Top Players
QB Russell Wilson, WR D.K. Metcalf, WR Tyler Lockett, WR D'Wayne Eskridge, RB Chris Carson, RB Rashaad Penny, RB Travis Homer, TE Gerald Everett, TE Will Dissly, S Jamal Adams, Coach Pete Carroll
Legend Players
RB Marshawn Lynch
  • The 12th Man
  • Rock Out With Your Hawk Out
  • The O.K. Carroll
  • A Christmas Carroll (Perfect in December)
  • Beauty & the Beast Mode
  • Dangeruss
  • The Chef
  • #LetRussellCook
  • Mr. Unliiiiiimited
  • Russ-ian Interference
  • RussellMania
  • Don’t Russell My Feathers
  • Everyday I’m Russelin’
  • T.D. Metcalf
  • Donkey Kong
  • How I Metcalf Your Mother
  • Lockett to Win
  • Lockett In
  • Lockett Up
  • Jamal Up In Yo Business
  • Jamal of America
  • Penny For Your Thoughts
  • The Penny Is Mightier
  • Penny Candy
  • Don’t Be A Homer
  • D’Wayne’s World
  • Wayneman
  • A Good Wayneman
  • Lil’ Wayne
  • Going to Disslyland

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Pirate Ship in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium
Global Reactions/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Buccaneers Fans!

Top Players
QB Tom Brady, QB Blaine Gabbert, QB Kyle Trask, WR Mike Evans, WR Chris Godwin, WR Antonio Brown, TE Rob Gronkowski, TE O.J. Howard, RB Ronald Jones, RB Leonard Fournette, RB Gio Bernard, RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn, K Ryan Succop, DT Ndamukong Suh, LB Jason Pierre-Paul, 
Coach Bruce Arians
  • Buc Off
  • 10th Time’s the Tom
  • The Tom Brady Factor
  • The Brady Factor
  • Tom Brady and the Heartbreakers
  • The Brady Bunch
  • Brady Bunch of Winners
  • The Brady Bucs
  • Tompa BrAdY Buccaneers
  • Death, Taxes & Tom Brady
  • Check My Balls
  • Tuck You
  • Deflate This
  • Deflated Balls
  • Arians It Out
  • MotherBuccaneers
  • Pewter Pirates
  • Magic Mike
  • Want To Be Like Mike
  • We GodWin with Tom Brady
  • You Play to Godwin the Game
  • What Can Brown do for you?
  • TOMpa Bay GRONKaneers
  • You Got Gronked
  • Gronk if you wanna see my TD’s
  • Its a Hard Gronk Life
  • Make America Gronk Again
  • Party Like a Gronk Star
  • Mrs. Rob Gronkowski
  • The Big Gronkowski
  • Gronk You Like A Hurricane
  • Momma said Gronk you Out
  • Gronk if You’re Horny
  • Nice Gronkdonkadonk
  • You Got ROBbed
  • Lombardi Lenny
  • Murder Fournettes
  • Fantastic Fournette
  • Fournette About It!
  • The Less Fourtunette
  • Uncle Lenny
  • Don’t You Fournette About Me
  • Fournette Flix and Chill
  • Acqua di Gio
  • Vaughn With the Wind
  • Mr. Irrelevant (Ryan Succop)
  • Trask at Hand
  • Keeping on Trask
  • Multi-Trasking
  • You Down With JPP?
  • JPP’s Right Hand Man
  • Pierre-Paul, & Mary
  • Suh Help Me God
  • It Ain’t Suh Bad
  • The Gift of Gab-bert

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Titans Fans!

Top Players
QB Ryan Tannehill, RB Derrick Henry, WR A.J. Brown, WR Julio Jones
  • Remember the Titans
  • Music City Miracle Workers
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Wrath of the Titans
  • Titan Up
  • Titans of Terror
  • The Nashvillains
  • The Flaming Thumbtacks
  • Mr. Jones
  • Julio Think You Are?
  • Don Julio
  • Jonesin’ for a Hit
  • Me & Julio Down By the End Zone
  • Jonesing For a Touchdown
  • Jonesing For a Win
  • Jonesing for a CHAMPIONSHIP
  • Game of Jones
  • Julio Let the Dogs Out?
  • King Henry
  • El Tractorcito
  • Shocka (Thank You Derrick Henry’s Grandma)
  • The Finisher (Thank You LeBron James)
  • A December to Remember
  • Oh Henry!
  • O’ Henry!
  • Henrything is Possible
  • Derrick Yeti
  • Stiff Arms Your Soul
  • Derrick Don’t Stand In My Way Henry
  • Show Me Your TDs
  • Derrick Let No One Stand In Your Way
  • What Can Brown do for you?
  • An A.J. Brown Christmas
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • Brown Bagging It
  • Unsinkable AJ Brown
  • King of the Hill
  • King of the Tannehill
  • Ryan Tannethrill!
  • Over the Tannehill
  • Run for the Hills
  • Hill Street Blues
  • High on a Hill Top
  • Tanne-saurus Rex
  • Unsinkable AJ Brown

The NFL Washington Redskins
A Washington Football Team fan all dressed up and face painted in Washington Football Team gear with his arm around a Washington Capitals Fan
All-Pro Reels/flickr/CC 2.0

The BEST Fantasy Football Team Names for Washington Fans!

Top Players
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB Taylor Heinicke, WR Terry McLaurin, WR Curtis Samuel, WR Adam Humphries, WR Dyami Brown, WR Antonio Gandy-Golden, RB Antonio Gibson, TE Logan Thomas, DE Chase Young, Coach Ron Rivera
  • Washington Fantasy Football Team
  • WTF!
  • WTF WFT?
  • The Fun Bunch
  • The Posse (Art Monk, Gary Clark, & Ricky Sanders)
  • Over-the-Hill Gang (George Allen coached 1970s teams)
  • The Hogs (Washington offensive line Joe Jacoby, Russ Grimm, Mark May, George Starke, & Jeff Bostic)
  • Hogettes
  • Beauty is Only Skins Deep
  • Skin in the Game
  • Skin It to Win It
  • Washing Foreskins
  • Riveraboat Gamblers
  • Riveraboat Ron (Perfect if your name is also Ron)
  • Rivera of Dreams
  • A Rivera Run Through It
  • Cry Me a Rivera
  • Potomac Rivera
  • Sunday R&R
  • The Chase Is On
  • Chasing Greatness
  • Chasing You Down
  • Chasing Points
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Forever Young
  • Terryin’ Ass
  • Scorin’ McLaurin
  • McLaurin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’
  • McLaurin F1
  • Scary Terry
  • Office of the AG
  • Do you believe in Magic?
  • Throwing Fitz
  • 99 Problems, But a Fitz Ain’t One
  • Giving You Fitz
  • Giving Opponents Fitz
  • Giving Defenses Fitz
  • Fitz of Passion
  • Fitzmagic
  • Son Of Samuel
  • Logan’s Run
  • Get You Love Drunk Off My Hump
  • Tryin’ A Feel My Hump Hump
  • My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump
  • You Love My Lady Hump
  • My Lovely Lady Hump
  • Gandy-Golden Girls
  • What Can Brown do for you?
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • Brown Bagging It
  • A Dyami Brown Christmas
  • Unsinkable Dyami Brown
  • McKissic My Ass

More Fantasy Team Names:

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