Odell’s Teams Up With Buffalo Wild Wings To Bring Limited Release Beer To Your Fantasy Football Draft Party

Limited release Odell's Draft Party Milkshake IPA available only Buffalo Wild Wings for your fantasy football draft party.
Odell's Draft Party Milkshake IPA at Buffalo Wild Wings
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Buffalo Wild Wings has collaborated with 6 different breweries across the nation to bring you a limited release craft beer choice for your ultimate fantasy football draft party!  Depending on what part of the country you live in you can enjoy either Odell’s Draft Party Milkshake IPA (Central), Founders 3rd and Lager (Midwest), Harpoon Underdog Pale Ale (Northeast), Sweetwater Low Hanging Fruit Golden Ale (Southeast), Moab Grapefruit Pale Ale (Utah), or Deschutes Fantasy Football League India Pale Lager (West & North Central).  One of these brews is available until September 5th in your regional.

Odell's Milkshake IPA Limited Release at Buffalo Wild Wings for your Fantasy Football Draft Party
Odell’s Milkshake IPA at Buffalo Wild Wings

I live in the Denver area so I got a chance to sample the central regions Odell’s Draft Party Milkshake IPA at my local Buffalo Wild Wings.  If you’re not familiar with the milkshake IPA style it’s a hazy IPA with lactose added to provide a sweeter more velvety full body.  This type of IPA is a sub style of the popular New England IPA.  Here’s my thoughts on this yummy craft draft:

Beer Name:  Draft Party Milkshake IPA

Brewery:  Odell’s Brewing Company

Brewery Location:  Fort Collins, Colorado

Style:  Milkshake IPA

ABV:  6.8%

Tasting Notes:  This is a beer that really walks you through all its different tasting flavors.  A fruit forward craft IPA that is bright Bronco Orange.  It initially starts right out with this rich creamy aroma and taste of peach on the head.  Then quickly moves on to more subtle pineapple and pear notes.  The sweetness “milk sugar” kicks in on the palette before you get the final finish of bitterness from the hops.

Odell’s Draft Party Milkshake IPA is available on tap at BW’s restaurant in 8 states including Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Texas, and Wyoming.  Buffalo Wild Wings is an official sponsor of Great American Beer Festival my all time favorite beer event to attend every year!

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