Classic Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Over 350+ of the BEST clever & funny Classic Fantasy Basketball Team Names!

Washington Wizards small forward Paul "The Truth" Pierce driving to the basket against defender Los Angeles Lakers Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant.
Alexandra Walt/flickr/CC 2.0
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NBA Washington Wizards small forward Paul Pierce playing basketball against Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant.
Photo Credit: Alexandra Walt/flickr/CC 2.0

Classic Fantasy Basketball Team Names can trace their origin back years ago, when athletes and fans would nickname players based on reputation and playing style.

Using a classic nickname for your Fantasy Basketball Team Name can be a great nod to your fandom. These legends might just be the inspiration needed to conjure up that perfect name for your squad!

Listed below is 350+ Classic Fantasy Basketball Team Names & Greatest Basketball Nicknames of All Time.

The words Fantasy Basketball in stamp letters.

Basketball fans don’t miss the hilarious Best Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2021 categorized by all the current NBA superstar players, and the BEST Fantasy Basketball Names for Every NBA Team broken down by all the franchises in the league!

More Fantasy Team Names:

Legend Fantasy Basketball Team Names

NBA Los Angeles Lakers legend center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shooting his trademark "skyhook" in a basketball game.
Kip-koech/flickr/CC 2.0

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • The Tower from Power
  • The Captain
  • The Big A
  • The Big Fella
  • Showtime
  • KAR33M
  • Kareem of the Crop
NBA Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas dribbling the basketball up the court.
Schroder+Schombs PR Brands/flickr/CC 2.0

Gilbert Arenas

  • Agent Zero
  • Agent 0
  • The Gambler
  • The Hibachi
  • Nacho
  • Black President
  • High Noon
NBA legendary power forward Charles Barkley talking to the media at East Carolina University.
R24KBerg Photos/flickr/CC 2.0

Charles Barkley

  • Sir Charles
  • The Round Mound of Rebound
  • Prince Charles
  • The Human Refrigerator
  • Pillsbury Dough Boy
  • The Crisco Kid
  • Leaning Tower of Pizza
  • The Flying Coke Machine
  • The Chuckster
  • Gnarles Barkley
NBA legendary Boston Celtics power forward Larry Bird playing against Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson in a basketball game.
Nick Antonini/flickr/CC 2.0

Larry Bird

  • Larry Legend
  • The Hick From French Lick
  • The Great White Hope
  • Uncle Larry
  • The Big Three (Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, & Robert Parish)
  • Bird is the Word
NBA Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh shooting the basketball against defender Andrew Bynum.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

Chris Bosh

  • The Boshtrich
  • Boshasaurus
  • King of the Dragons
  • Bosh Spice
  • Chris Botch
  • The RuPaul of Big Men
NBA legendary Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant flying through the air to dunk the basketball on a Los Angeles Clippers defender.
Stefanoaica Lonut/flickr/CC 2.0

Kobe Bryant

  • The Black Mamba
  • Mamba Mentality
  • Showboat
  • Kobe Wan Kenobi
  • The Eighth Man
  • The 8th Wonder of the World
  • Employee #8
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Mr. 81
  • Vino
  • The Dagger
  • KB-24
  • KB 8
  • Izzo
  • Kob-Me
  • Church Of Kobestan
NBA legend shooting guard Vince Carter playing defense for the New Jersey Nets.
Tom Thai/flickr/CC 2.0

Vince Carter

  • Air Canada
  • Vinsanity
  • Yoda
  • Half Man Half Amazing
  • Old Man Vince
Legendary NBA center Wilt Chamberlain battling at the rim against defenders.
Kip-koech/flickr/CC 2.0

Wilt Chamberlain

  • Wilt The Silt
  • The Big Dipper
  • Goliath
Legendary NBA San Antonio Spurs power forward Tim Duncan driving to the basket against a Los Angeles Lakers defender.
WDPG Share/flickr/CC 2.0

Tim Duncan

  • The Big Fundamental
  • Big Fun
  • The Stone Buddha
  • Slam Duncan
  • Duncan Your Face
  • Old Man Riverwalk
  • Twin Towers (Tim Duncan & David Robinson)
  • Duncan Donuts
Legendary NBA players small forward Julius Erving accepting an award.
USMC Archives/flickr/CC 2.0

Julius Erving

  • Dr. J
  • The Doctor
NBA legendary New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing talking with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning after an NFL game.
KA Sports Photos/flickr/CC 2.0

Patrick Ewing

  • The Beast of the East
  • Hoya Destroya
  • Big Pat
  • The Warrior
  • Darth Vader of Basketball
NBA legendary Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett pulling at his green jersey.
Michael E. Lee/flickr/CC 2.0

Kevin Garnett

  • The Big Ticket
  • The Kid
  • Da’ Kid
  • The Franchise
  • The Boston Three Party (Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, & Paul Pierce)
NBA legendary San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Manu Ginobili shooting a free throw against the Orlando Magic.
Michael Tipton/flickr/CC 2.0

Manu Ginobili

  • The Magician
  • The Demon Blade
  • El Contusione
  • Manudona
  • Argentina’s Flying Man
  • Narigon
NBA legendary Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard carrying a basketball off the court during pregame warmups.
Michael Tipton/flickr/CC 2.0

Dwight Howard

  • Superman
  • Steel Man
  • Barbaro
  • Big Horse
  • Foul on You
  • The Evil One
NBA legendary Philadelphia 76ers point guard Allen Iverson dribbling the basketball up the court.
moneyjk89man/flickr/CC 2.0

Allen Iverson

  • The Answer
  • A.I.
  • The 3rd Degree
  • Practice
  • Bubba Chuck
  • Ivy
  • Me, Myself, and Iverson
NBA legendary Los Angeles Lakers point guard being guarded by Portland Trail Blazers Clyde Drexler.
Kip-koech/flickr/CC 2.0

Earvin “Magic” Johnson

  • Magic
  • Showtime
  • Buck
  • Pass the Buck
NBA legendary Chicago Bulls shooting guard Michael Jordan dribbling the basketball with his tongue sticking out.
mccarmona23/flickr/CC 2.0

Michael Jordan

  • Air Jordan
  • His Airness
  • The G.O.A.T.
  • Superman
  • The Black Cat
  • The Jordan Rules
  • Crying Jordans
  • The Greatest Team of All Time (Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Ron Harper, & Luc Longley)
Legendary NBA Houston Rockets center Yao Ming giving an interview.
World Travel Tourism Council/flickr/CC 2.0

Yao Ming

  • Ming Dynasty
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Chairman Yao
  • Shaquie Chan
  • Yao know what I Ming?
  • Sham Yao
NBA star player and now coach Steve Nash on a soccer field.
Michael E. Lee/flickr/CC 2.0

Steve Nash

  • Captain Canada
  • The Canadian Sensation
  • Nashional Treasure
  • Floor General
  • Gatsby (Thank you Kobe Bryant)
  • Kid Canada
  • Hair Canada
  • Nashty
  • Mr. 50 40 90
  • One Eyed Stevie Wonder
  • MVSteve
  • Two-Time
  • Crosby, Stills, & Steve Nash
  • Bangers and Nash
  • The Big Three (Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, & Michael Finley)
NBA legendary Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki sitting on the bench in a basketball game.
Danny Bollinger/flickr/CC 2.0

Dirk Nowitzki

  • Dunking Deutschman
  • The 7-Foot Schnitzel
  • Super Streudel
  • Dirk Diggler
  • German Sensation
  • Bavarian Bomber
  • The German Wunderkind
  • Dirk Savage
  • The Germanator
  • The Big German
  • The German Panzer Tank
  • The German Racecar
  • Tall Baller From The G
  • The Berlin Tall
  • The Big Mummy
  • The Dirk Knight
  • Circle Dirks
  • Ridirkulous
  • The Big Three (Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, & Michael Finley)
  • Big Hard Dirks
  • Dirk Diggler Does Dallas
NBA star Shaquille O'Neal
John Mathew Smith/flickr/CC 2.0

Shaquille O’Neal

  • Superman
  • Diesel
  • M.D.E. (Most Dominant Ever)
  • The Big Baryshnikov
  • Wilt Chamberneezy
  • The Big Aristotle
  • L.C.L. (Last Center Left)
  • Shaq Attack
  • The Big Fella
  • The Big Felon
  • The Big Shamrock
  • The Big Twitterer
  • Shaq-laou
  • Shaq-Fu
  • The Big Deporter
  • The Big Sidekick
  • The Big Maravich
  • Shaq Daddy
  • The Big Cactus
  • Shaq-tus
  • Caddy Shaq
  • Shaqramento Queens
NBA legendary star Scottie Pippen.
Jeff Kern/flickr/CC 2.0

Scottie Pippen

  • Batman
  • The Greatest Team of All Time (Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Ron Harper, & Luc Longley)
  • Pippen Ain’t Easy
  • No Tippin’ Pippen
NBA star David Robinson sitting for an interview.
Marsha Miller/flickr

David Robinson

  • The Admiral
  • Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson
  • Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Twin Towers (David Robinson & Tim Duncan)
NBA superstar Dennis Rodman posing for the camera sitting shirtless so you can see all of his tattoos.
OPEN Sports/flickr/CC 2.0

Dennis Rodman

  • The Worm
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Ambassador Rodman
  • The Real Hot Rod
  • Rodzilla
  • The Rebound King
  • The Greatest Team of All Time (Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper, & Luc Longley)
  • The Bad Boys (Dennis Rodman, Isiah Thomas, John Salley, Joe Dumars, & Bill Laimbeer)
NBA Cleveland Cavaliers superstar shooting guard Dwyane Wade playing against the Atlanta Hawks.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0

Dwyane Wade

  • The Flash
  • Father Prime
  • Pookie
  • WOW (Way of Wade)
  • Wade to Go Buddy

The Greatest Basketball Nicknames of All Time

NBA Boston Celtics shooting guard Ray Allen shooting a free throw.
Michael E. Lee/flickr/CC 2.0


  • Sugar Ray (Ray Allen)
  • Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen)
  • Skip 2 My Lou (Rafer Alston)
  • Double A (Anthony Anderson)
  • Birdman (Chris Andersen)
  • Cadillac (Greg Anderson)
  • Tiny (Nate Archibald)
  • Pitchin’ Paul (Paul Arizin)
  • True Warrior (Ron Artest)
  • Ron Ron
  • Artested Development
  • Plastic Man (Stacey Augmon)


  • The Manimal (Ken Bannister)
  • The Magician (Andrea Bargnani)
  • Il Mago (Andrea Bargnani)
  • Bad News (Jim Barnes)
  • Fall Back Baby (Dick Barnett)
  • Hound (Jerry Baskerville)
  • Butch (Alfred Beard)
  • Big Daddy Canada (Anthony Bennett)
NBA Detroit Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups tugging on his jersey in a basketball game.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0
  • Mr. Big Shot (Chauncey Billups)
  • Mookie (Daron Blaylock)
  • Muggsy (Tyron Bogues)
  • Red Rocket (Matt Bonner)
  • Dollar Bill (Bill Bradley)
  • The Enormous Mormon (Shawn Bradley)
  • The Storming Mormon (Shawn Bradley)
  • The Drunken Dribbler (Corey Brewer)
  • The Brockness Monster (Jon Brockman)
  • Downtown (Freddy Brown)
  • Jellybean (Joe Bryant)
  • Tough Juice (Caron Butler)


  • Jumping Joe (Joe Caldwell)
  • Pogo (Joe Caldwell)
  • The Custodian (Brian Cardinal)
  • Big Dawg (Antoine Carr)
  • Sam I Am (Sam Cassell)
  • The Space Man (Sam Cassell)
  • Band-Aid (Derrick Chievous)
  • Speedy (Craig Claxton)
  • Sweetwater (Nathaniel Clifton)
  • Collison Course (Darren Collison)
  • Head on Collision
  • Collision Repair
  • The Houdini of the Hardwood (Bob Cousy)
  • The Kangaroo Kid (Billy Cunningham)


  • Sweet Pea (Lloyd Daniels)
  • Big Baby (Glen Davis)
  • Uno Uno (Glen Davis)
  • Killer (Mel Davis)
  • Wrong Rim Ricky (Ricky Davis)
  • Grits ‘N Gravy (Ricky Davis)
  • Slick Rick (Ricky Davis)
  • Chocolate Thunder (Darryl Dawkins)
  • Yo Momma (Darryl Dawkins)
  • The Cowboy (Fennis Dembo)
  • Friends in Luol Places (Luol Deng)
  • Tea Time (Boris Diaw)
  • The Glide (Clyde Drexler)
  • Mister Louisiana (Joe Dumars)


  • Mississippi Bullet (Monta Ellis)


  • Manimal (Kenneth Faried)
  • Filthy Manimal (Kenneth Faried)
  • World B. Free (Lloyd B. Free)
  • The Prince of Midair (Lloyd B. Free)
  • All-World (Lloyd B. Free)
  • Buffet of Goodness (Channing Frye)


  • The Flying Dutchman (Dan Gadzuric)
  • The Ice Man (George Gervin)
  • Boobie (Daniel Gibson)
  • The Hammer (Armen Gilliam)
  • The Blind Bomber (George Glamack)
  • The Polish Hammer (Marcin Gortat)
  • Dr. Dunkenstein (Darrell Griffith)


  • The Terminator (Tom Hammonds)
  • Psycho T (Tyler Hansbrough)
  • Penny (Anfernee Hardaway)
  • Mr. Crossover (Tim Hardway)
  • Run TMC (Tim Hardaway/Mitch Richmond/Chris Mullin)
  • Hondo (John Havlicek)
  • The Hawk (Connie Hawkins)
  • The Big E (Elvin Hayes)
  • G-money (Grant Hill)
  • Dr. Dunk (Darnell Hillman)
  • The L-Train (Lionel Hollins)
  • Big Shot Rob (Robert Horry)
  • Hot Rod (Rodney Hundley)
  • The Postman (Steven Hunter)


  • Big Z (Zydrunas Ilgauskas)
  • Turkish Thunder (Ersan Ilyasova)


  • Action Jackson (Mark Jackson)
  • Zen Master (Phil Jackson)
  • The Maverick
  • Grandmama (Larry Johnson)
  • The Microwave (Vinnie Johnson)
  • The World’s Greatest Shooter (Damon Jones)
  • Popeye (Ronald Jones)


  • The Reign Man (Shawn Kemp)
  • AK-47 (Andrei Kirilenko)
  • Croatian Sensation (Toni Kukoc)


  • The Darth Vader of the NBA (Bill Laimbeer)
  • The Black Hat (Bill Laimbeer)
  • The Alaskan Assassin (Trajan Langdon)
  • Jungle Jim (Jim Loscutoff)
NBA superstar Utah Jazz power forward Karl "Mailman" Malone
DGA Productions/flickr/CC 2.0


  • Bad Porn (Corey Maggette)
  • The Mailman (Karl Malone)
  • Pistol Pete (Pete Maravich)
  • Starbury (Stephon Marbury)
  • The Matrix (Shawn Marion)
  • Sir Dunks A lot (Kenyon Martin)
  • X-Man (Xavier McDaniel)
  • Mountain Man (Xavier McDaniel)
  • Tricky Dick (Dick McGuire)
  • The Black Hole (Kevin McHale)
  • Herman Munster (Kevin McHale)
  • The Human Victory Cigar (Darko Milicic)
  • Mr. Basketball (George Mikan)
  • Black Magic (Earl Monroe)
  • The Pearl (Earl Monroe)
  • Apollo 33 (Jamario Moon)
  • The Ultimate Warrior (Alonzo Mourning)
  • Mt. Mutombo (Dikembe Mutombo)


  • The Flying Mexican (Eduardo Najera)
  • Ain’t Noah Stoppin’ This (Joakim Noah)
  • Noah Joakim Around
  • Are you Joakim me?
  • You’re Noah Good


  • The Candy Man (Lamar Odom)
  • The Money Man (Mehmet Okur)
  • The Dream (Hakeem Olajuwon)
  • Kandi Man (Michael Olowokandi)
San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker
aaronisnotcool/flickr/CC 2.0


  • Get Your Zaza’s Out! (Zaza Pachulia)
  • The Chief (Robert Parish)
  • The Little French Sports Car (Tony Parker)
  • The Whopper (Billy Paultz)
  • The Glove (Gary Payton)
  • Big Smooth (Sam Perkins)
  • The Truth (Paul Pierce)
  • Kangaroo Kid (Jim Pollard)
  • Vanilla Gorilla (Joel Przybilla)
  • Ghostface


  • Big Country (Bryant Reeves)
  • The Rock (Mitch Richmond)
  • KryptoNate (Nate Robinson)


  • Spider (John Salley)
  • Man Bear Pig (Kevin Seraphin)
  • The White Mamba (Brian Scalabrine)
  • Ice Cream Man (Luis Scola)
  • 3D (Dennis Scott)
  • Captain Late (James Silas)
  • The Snake (James Silas)
  • Bingo (Bobby Smith)
  • The Rhino (Craig Smith)
  • Cookie Monster (Craig Smith)
  • Have Amar’e Christmas (Amar’e Stoudemire)
NBA Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith shooting the basketball.
Erik Drost/flickr/CC 2.0
  • JR Swish (JR Smith)
  • The Prodigy (JR Smith)
  • The Jet (Kenny Smith)
  • Mr. Mean (Larry Smith)
  • The Dunkin’ Dutchman (Rik Smits)
  • The Flying Dutchman (Rik Smits)
  • Sauce Castillo (Nik Stauskas)
  • Born Ready (Lance Stephenson)
  • STAT (Standing Tall and Talented – Amar’e Stoudemire)
  • Mighty Mouse (Damon Stoudamire)


  • 2 Fast 2 Furious (Sebastian Telfair)
  • Big Sexy (Kurt Thomas)
  • Skywalker (David Thompson)
  • The Boston Strangler (Andrew Toney)
  • Golden Arches (Melvin Turpin)


  • Nick the Quick (Nick Van Exel)
  • Nasty Nick (Nick Van Exel)
  • Wild Thing (Anderson Varejao)
  • The Machine (Sasha Vujacic)


  • G-Force (Gerald Wallace)
  • Slick (Sonny Watts)
  • Spud (Anthony Webb)
  • The Human Eraser (Marvin Webster)
  • Mr. Clutch (Jerry West)
  • The Human Highlight Film (Dominique Wilkins)
  • White Chocolate (Jason Williams)
  • Junk Yard Dog (Jerome Williams)
  • Hot Rod (John Williams)
  • Mister Free Throws (Micheal Williams)
  • The Wizard (Walt Williams)
  • Big Nasty (Corliss Williamson)
  • Big Game James (James Worthy)


  • Swaggy P (Nick Young)

More Fantasy Team Names:

Grayscale photo of man holding NBA basketball.
The words Fantasy Basketball in stamp letters.
Green Bay Packers Fans tailgating before a Green Bay Packers football game in full Green Bay Packers outfits.
Photo Credit: Jeff Bukowski/shutterstock
The words Fantasy Football spelled out in scrabble tiles.
Photo Credit: Marco Verch/flickr/CC 2.0
Santa holding an American football with two hands in white gloves.

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