Classic Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Over 350+ Classic Fantasy Baseball Team Names That Hit It Out of the Park!

Legendary baseball players from the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Detroit Tigers.
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Vintage Baseball Player Stamp

Baseball is often referred to as America’s pastime. Classic Fantasy Baseball Team Names can trace their history back years ago, when athletes and fans would nickname players based on reputation and playing style.

Using a classic nickname for your Fantasy Baseball Team can be a great nod to your fandom. These legends might just be the inspiration needed to conjure up that perfect name for your roster!

A vintage baseball mitt, baseball, and bat.

Listed below is 350+ Classic Fantasy Baseball Team Names & Greatest Baseball Nicknames of All Time.

After this, catch the hilarious BEST Fantasy Baseball Team Names for 2021 broken down by all the superstar players in the MLB!

Baseball fans, also make sure to check out the list of BEST Fantasy Baseball Names for Every MLB Team organized by all the franchises in the league!

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Legend Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Legendary baseball players from the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Detroit Tigers.

Hank Aaron

  • The Hammer
  • Hammerin’ Hank
  • The New Sultan of Swat
  • Bad Henry
  • I Had a Hammer
  • Droppin’ the Hammer

George “Sparky” Anderson

  • Sparky
  • Captain Hook
  • The Big Red Machine
Yankees legendary Yogi Berra getting a hug from former pitcher Mariano Rivera on the Yankees baseball field.
Chris Ptacek/flickr/CC 2.0

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

  • Yogi
  • Lawdie
  • Yogi Bear
  • Smarter than the Average Catcher
San Francisco Giants legendary hitter Barry Bonds up at bat.
Kevin Rushforth/flickr/CC 2.0

Barry Bonds

  • The Sultan of Shot
  • The Hormone King
  • The Asterisk
  • The Bay Area Hulk

Joe DiMaggio

  • Joltin’ Joe
  • The Yankee Clipper

David Freese

  • Freeser
  • Davehuman
  • Deep Freese

Lou Gehrig

  • The Iron Horse
  • Hungry Lou
  • Buster
  • The Big Dutchman
  • Columbia Lou
  • Larruping Lou
  • Biscuit Pants
Cincinnati Reds star player Ken Griffey Jr. smiling on the baseball field.
Dirk DBQ/flickr/CC 2.0

Ken Griffey Jr.

  • The Kid
  • Junior
  • The Natural

Tony Gwynn

  • Mr. Padre
  • Captain Video

Rickey Henderson

  • The Man of Steal
  • Stolen Base King
  • The Old Master
  • Christmas (He was born on Christmas Day)
  • Style Dog
Legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter fielding the baseball.
Scott Yu/flickr/CC 2.0

Derek Jeter

  • Mr. November
  • The Captain
  • Mr. Captain
  • Captain Clutch

Kirby Puckett

  • Puck
  • Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Greg Maddux

  • Mad Dog
  • The Professor

Mickey Mantle

  • The Mick
  • The Commerce Comet
  • Muscles
  • Hangover Homer
Christy Mathewson, New York Giants pitcher, warming up before a game.

Christy Mathewson

  • Big Six
  • The Christian Gentleman
  • Matty
  • The Gentleman’s Hurler

Don Mattingly

  • The Hit Man
  • Donnie Baseball

Willie Mays

  • The Say Hey Kid
  • Say who, Say what, Say where, Say hey

Mark McGwire

  • Big Mac
  • Big Red
  • Colossus

Pete Rose

  • Charlie Hustle
  • The Hit King
  • The Big Red Machine
  • Every Pete Rose Has Its Thorn
Babe Ruth when he played for the Boston Red Sox
Dennis Sylvester Hurd/flickr

George Herman “Babe” Ruth

  • Babe
  • The Bambino
  • The Great Bambino
  • The Bam
  • The Big Bam
  • The Sultan of Swat
  • The King of Swing
  • Herman the Great
  • The Titan of Terror
  • Terrible Titan
  • The King of Crash
  • The Colossus of Clout
  • The King of Clout
  • The Caliph of Clout
  • The Sachem of Slug
  • The Prince of Pounders
  • Mastodon
  • The Wizard of Whack
  • The Mauling Menace
  • The Wazir of Wham
  • Jidge
  • Modern Beowulf
  • The Wali of Wallop
  • The Maharajah of Mash
  • The Behemoth of Bust
  • Blunderbuss
  • The Rajah of Rap
  • Monarch
  • The House That Ruth Built
  • Babe Ruthless

Curt Schilling

  • Red Light
  • Red Light Curt
  • Schilling Me Softly

Ted Williams

  • The Splendid Splinter
  • The Thumper
  • Teddy Ballgame
  • The Kid

The Greatest Baseball Nicknames of All Time

Captain of the twelve National League Teams


  • Mr. 305 (Yonder Alonso)
  • Way over Yonder
  • Smokey (Walter Alston)
  • Kid Boots (Luke Appling)
  • Luscious Luke
  • Old Aches & Pains
  • The Tilden Flash (Richie Ashburn)
  • Earl of Snohomish (Earl Averill)
Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown, 1911 Chicago Nationals baseball card
Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown


  • Growing Baines (Harold Baines)
  • Home Run (Frank Baker)
  • Mr. Cub (Ernie Banks)
  • Captain Sal (Sal Bando)
  • Better Call Sal
  • Beavan And Butt-Head (Blake Beavan)
  • The Beckett List (Josh Beckett)
  • Cool Papa (James Bell)
  • Championship Beltre (Adrian Beltre)
  • Little General (Johnny Bench)
  • Benoit Balls (Joaquin Benoit)
  • Chicken Man (Wade Boggs)
  • Shot of Borbon (Pedro Borbon)
  • One Borbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  • Oil Can (Dennis Boyd)
  • Men Behaving Bradley (Milton Bradley)
  • The Franchise (Lou Brock)
  • Jeff pin the tail on the Bronkey
  • Scott Supercalifragilisticexpiala Brosius
  • Three Finger (Mordecai Brown)
  • Three Fingered
  • Hurly Buehrle Man (Mark Buehrle)
  • Jay Ferris Buhner
  • Country Breakfast (Billy Ray Butler)
Detroit Tigers Ty Cobb


  • The Melkman (Melky Cabrera)
  • The Melkman Delivers
  • The Melky Way Galaxy
  • Melky Surprise
  • Melky Discharge
  • Jose can you see Canseco
  • Win for Vin (Vinny Castilla)
  • The Baby Bull (Orlando Cepeda)
  • Cha Cha
  • The Peerless Leader (Frank Chance)
  • Husk
  • The Glider (Ed Charles)
  • Happy Jack (Jack Chesbro)
  • Big Lon (Lonnie Chisenhall)
  • The Rocket (Roger Clemens)
  • The Georgia Peach (Ty Cobb)
  • Choo Choo (Clarence Coleman)
  • Big Sexy (Bartolo Colon)
  • Bartolo’s Cologne
  • The Kentucky Colonel (Earle Combs)
  • Reverse Cowgill (Collin Cowgill)
  • I go cuckoo for Coco Crisp!
  • Cuckoo for Coco Crisp
  • Coo Coo for Coco Crisp


  • Danks for Nuthin’ (John Danks)
  • Topper (Ron Davis)
  • The Hawk (Andre Dawson)
  • Awesome Dawson
  • Daylight Come and Delgado Go Home (Carlos Delgado)
  • Dempster Divers (Ryan Dempster)
  • Little Professor (Dom DiMaggio)
  • Dirks Diggler (Andy Dirks)
  • Dotel Me It’s Over (Octavio Dotel)
  • Voodoo Doumits (Ryan Doumit)
  • Doumit Holes
  • Jelly Doumits
  • Doumit Feels Good to Be a Gangsta
  • Big Donkey (Adam Dunn)
  • Better Said Than Dunn
  • One and Dunn
  • Dirty Deeds Dunn Dirt Cheap
Chicago Cubs Johnny Evers
Johnny “The Human Crab” Evers


  • No Man is an Eiland (Dave Eiland)
  • Howdy Doody (Darrell Evans)
  • The Human Crab (Johnny Evers)
  • Trojan


  • The Heater From Van Meter (Bob Feller)
  • The Bird (Mark Fidrych)
  • Fielder of Dreams (Prince Fielder)
  • The Fife Element (Stephen Fife)
  • Pudge (The original Pudge Carlton Fisk)
  • Fister Full of Dollars (Doug Fister)
  • The Chairman (Edward “Whitey” Ford)
  • The Chairman of the Board
  • Slick
  • Banty Rooser
  • The Mighty Mite (Nellie Fox)
  • Double X (Jimmie Foxx)
  • XX
  • The Old Flash (Frankie Frisch)
  • The Fordham Flash
  • Skoonj (Carl Furillo)
  • The Reading Rifle


  • El Chupacabra (Yovani Gallardo)
  • The Olive Garland (Jon Garland)
  • Garland of Thorns
  • Mr. Clean (Steve Garvey)
  • Cooking with Gast (John Gast)
  • Bull (Evan Gattis)
  • El Oso Blanco
  • G Money (Dillon Gee)
  • Nuthin’ but a “Gee” Thang
  • The Mechanical Man (Charlie Gehringer)
  • As Good As It Getz (Chris Getz)
  • The Dazzle Man (Dan Gladden)
  • El Titan (Adrian Gonzalez)
  • El Mariachi (Miguel Gonzalez)
  • Goose (Leon Goslin)
  • Moonlight (Archibald Graham)
  • The Grandy Man (Curtis Granderson)
  • Mudcat (Jim Grant)
  • The Hebrew Hammer (Hank Greenberg)
  • Big Daddy Vladdy (Vladimir Guerrero)
  • Super Vlad
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Louisiana Lightning (Ron Guidry)
Managers John McGraw and Miller Huggins with an umpire.
Miller Huggins nicknamed “Mighty Mite”


  • Pronk (Travis Hafner)
  • The Human Rain Delay (Mike Hargrove)
  • The Hondo Hurricane (Clint Hartung)
  • Headley over Heals (Chase Headley)
  • Seven Headley Sins
  • Hellickson or High Water (Jeremy Hellickson)
  • The Professor (Kyle Hendricks)
  • Old Reliable (Tommy Henrich)
  • El Duque (Orlando Hernandez)
  • The Duke
  • The Holliday Season (Matt Holliday)
  • Hung Like a Horst (Jeremy Horst)
  • The Mad Hungarian (Al Hrabosky)
  • The Meal Ticket (Carl Hubbell)
  • Mighty Mite (Miller Huggins)
  • Hug
  • Humber Liquidators (Philip Humber)
  • Catfish (Jim Hunter)


  • Shoeless Joe (Joe Jackson)
  • Mr. October (Reggie Jackson)
  • Stonewall (Travis Jackson)
  • One Dog (Lance Johnson)
  • The Big Unit (Randy Johnson)
  • The Big Train (Walter Johnson)
  • Justice is Served (David Justice)
  • David Supreme Court Justice
  • And David Justice for All
Michael Kelly, called 'King Kelly', in a Boston Beaneaters uniform.
Michael “King” Kelly


  • Mr. Tiger (Al Kaline)
  • Welcome to the Jung-ho (Jung-ho Kang)
  • Wee Willie (Willie Keeler)
  • Hit ’em Where They Ain’t
  • King Kong (Charlie Keller)
  • Highpockets (George Kelly)
  • King Kelly (Michael Kelly)
  • $10,000 Kelly
  • Killer (Harmon Killebrew)
  • Kinsler’s List (Ian Kinsler)
  • The Hoosier Hammerer (Chuck Klein)
  • Harvey’s Wallbangers (Harvey Kuenn)


  • The Freshest Man on Earth (Arlie Latham)
  • I Fought the Lawrie (Brett Lawrie)
  • Poosh ‘Em Up Tony (Tony Lazzeri)
  • Race for LeCure (Sam LeCure)
  • Spaceman (Bill Lee)
  • The Horse (Carlos Lee)
  • El Caballo
  • Leyland of Hopes & Dreams (Jim Leyland)
  • Lindsanity (Adam Lind)
  • Gone with the Lind
  • The Loney Bin (James Loney)
  • Sparky (Albert Lyle)
Connie Mack
Connie “The Tall Tactician” Mack


  • The Tall Tactician (Connie Mack)
  • The Barber (Sal Maglie)
  • The Dominican Dandy (Juan Marichal)
  • V-Mart (Victor Martinez)
  • Masterson & Johnson (Justin Masterson)
  • Godzilla (Hideki Matsui)
  • The Sarge (Gary Matthews)
  • Sometimes Less is Mauer (Joe Mauer)
  • Lawn Mauer
  • Maz (Bill Mazeroski)
  • Little Napoleon (John McGraw)
  • The Crime Dog (Fred McGriff)
  • The Ignitor (Paul Molitor)
  • Morales In Wonderland (Kendrys Morales)
  • Morse Code (Mike Morse)
  • Get Your Mota Running (Manny Mota)
  • AARPitcher (Jamie Moyer)
  • The Eternal Flame
  • Green Lantern (Daniel Murphy)
  • Stormy Daniel Murphy
  • Stan the Man (Stan Musial)
  • The Musial Suspects
  • Moose (Mike Mussina)
  • Funky Cold Mussina


  • Prince Hal (Hal Newhouser)
  • Knucksie (Phil Niekro)


  • Blue Moon (Johnny Odom)
  • Kickin’ It Olt Skool (Mike Olt)
  • The Curveless Wonder (All Orth)
  • Big Papi (David Ortiz)
  • Love It When They Call Me Big Papi
  • Love me Ortiz me
  • Papi Was A Rollin’ Stone
  • Papi’s Got a Brand New Bag


  • Big Wheel (Lance Parrish)
  • The Rev (Tyler Pastornicky)
  • Mr. Clutch (Carlos Pena)
  • MVPena
  • The Knight of Kennett Square (Herb Pennock)
  • Stolmy Weather (Stolmy Pimentel)
  • The Devil Wears Prado (Martin Prado)
  • Putz On the Ritz (J.J. Putz)
  • Putz in Boots


  • Raburn Notice (Ryan Raburn)
  • Double Duty (Ted Radcliffe)
  • Something Seems Aramis (Aramis Ramirez)
  • The Springfield Rifle (Vic Raschi)
  • Rauch & Roll (Jon Rauch)
  • Pee Wee (Horold Reese)
  • Pistol Pete (Pete Reiser)
  • The Mahatma (Branch Rickey)
  • Iron Man (Cal Ripken Jr.)
  • The Scooter (Phil Rizzuto)
  • The Human Vacuum Cleaner (Brooks Robinson)
  • We’ve Thrown A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez)
  • Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez)
  • Preacher (Elwin Roe)
  • Papi Was A Rolen Stone (Scott Rolen)
  • Schoolboy (Lynwood Rowe)
  • Ruggiano Burns (Justin Ruggiano)
  • Chooch (Carlos Ruiz)
  • Chooch & Chong
  • The Hoosier Thunderbolt (Amos Rusie)
  • The Ryan Express (Nolan Ryan)


  • Black Sabathia (CC Sabathia)
  • Keep Johans to Yo’self (Johan Santana)
  • Clap Johans Say Yeah!
  • The Surge Protector (Sergio Santos)
  • The Franchise (Tom Seaver)
  • Tom Terrific (The original Tom Terrific)
  • Twinkletoes (George Selkirk)
  • Buck (William Showalter)
  • The Buck Stops Here
  • Shotgun (George Shuba)
  • Suitcase (Harry Simpson)
  • Sizemore Does Matter (Grady Sizemore)
  • You’re Killin’ Me Smalls (Aaron Small)
  • Killing Me Smalls (Aaron Small)
  • The Wizard (Ozzie Smith)
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Duke of Flatbush (Duke Snider)
  • The Rabbi of Swat (Moses Solomon)
  • The Invincible One (Warren Spahn)
  • The Gashouse Gang (St. Louis Cardinals)
  • Pops (Willie Stargell)
  • The Boss (George Steinbrenner)
  • Stubb Hub (Garrett Stubbs)
  • The Red Baron (Rick Sutcliffe)
  • Black and Decker (Don Sutton)
  • The Seven Year Ichiro (Ichiro Suzuki)
  • My Balls Ichiro
  • Honey Nut Ichiros
  • Swisher Sweets (Nick Swisher)


  • Thayer Will Be Blood (Dale Thayer)
  • The Big Hurt (Frank Thomas)
  • Pie (Harold Traynor)
  • Dizzy (Paul Trout)
  • Tulo-wit To Quit (Troy Tulowitzki)
  • Bullet Bob (Bob Turley)


  • Mr. Baseball (Robert Uecker)
  • Struggla (Dan Uggla)
  • Popeye
  • Silver Fox (Chase Utley)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Utley (Chase Utley)
  • You Can Bank on Chase


  • The Flyin’ Hawaiian (Shane Victorino)
  • Victorino is Mine


  • The Flying Dutchman (Honus Wagner)
  • Little Poison (Lloyd Waner)
  • Big Poison (Paul Waner)
  • Werth Every Penny (Jayson Werth)
  • For What It’s Werth
  • Werthwhile
  • Sweet Lou (Louis Whitaker)
  • Wild Thing (Mitch Williams)
  • Mr. May (Dave Winfield)
  • The Price is Wright (David Wright)
  • The Toy Cannon (Jimmy Wynn)


  • Yaz (Carl Yastrzemski)
  • Cyclone (Denton True “CY” Young)


  • Zorilla (Ben Zobrist)

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