10 Takeaways From Week 1

10 Takeaways from NFL Week 6 Fantasy Football Season

FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY! Week one was a real roller coaster ride. Who could have predicted that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be the #1 fantasy quarterback week 1.  We knew Tyreek Hill was good, but 268 total yards as a receiver, runner, and return specialist good? Making his rookie QB Patrick Mahomes look like the second coming of Brett Favre. Speaking of resurrections, Adrian Peterson would be fantasy relevant on the Washington Redskins?  We would witness one of the best 4th quarter resurgence in football history as Aaron Rodgers would orchestra a 20 point comeback after being carted off the field only minutes before. This week sure felt like we were closing our eyes and holding our hands up the whole ride! Make sure your safety bar is locked because the football season is just getting started and next week we’re going upside down. I think we’re in for a wild ride!

Here’s 10 Takeaways from this weekends play:

  1.  Houston Texans offensive line is not good and Deshaun Watson came back down to earth.
  2. Odell Beckham Jr. showed he’s really good, and a must start every week.  We had some doubts about him coming into this week facing Jalen Ramsey and coming back from the injury last season. Beckham showed no signs of rust in his game.  He’s an elite talent and must start regardless of the matchup.
  3. If you rostered Rex Burkhead, Dalvin Cook, or Peyton Barber you may not be over the moon about their fantasy production this weekend, but their usage is very encouraging of future fantasy value.
  4. Andrew Luck is BACK!  After a two-year soap opera we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  He might not be 100% but he can definitely throw more than a high school football.
  5. If you drafted James Conner late in your draft that may be the move that wins your fantasy season.  Conner’s play made it almost certain the Steelers aren’t the first to blink on the Le’Veon Bell standoff.
  6. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan can still not get it done in the redzone.  The tape might as well be on a loop from last season.
  7. Stream a defense against the Buffalo Bills every week.  The Buffalo Bills are as bad as we thought they were.
  8. Speaking of the Buffalo Bills, if you own LeSean McCoy I’m sure you have buyer remorse, and I don’t see that sentiment changing the rest of this season.
  9. The decline of Drew Brees was an anomaly last season.  If the Saints defense is truly as bad as what we saw this weekend Brees is inline for a big season.
  10. The connection between Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes is real and not just a preseason fluke.



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