10 Takeaways From NFL Week 6

10 Takeaways from NFL Week 6 Fantasy Football Season

Here are 10 Takeaways from Week 6:

1. In what was a critical NFC East showdown on Thursday night football between the Philadelphia Eagles and NY Giants, the Eagles dominated the Giants.  I think everyone on the Giants side of the ball beside Saquon Barkley thought they were on bye this week.  Guys your bye isn’t until Week 9!  Can you tell I’m a frustrated Giants fan?  Barkley was the only bright spot of this game.  He rushed for 130 yards, caught 9 receptions for 99 yards, and scored a touchdown.  If you were playing against him in fantasy football it was a rough way to start the week.

2. Matt Ryan made history this weekend tying Joe Montana with 273 games with two or more touchdown passes.  Of course none of the touchdowns go to Julio “no touchdown” Jones who had a million catches (I mean ten catches) for no touchdowns again this week.  For such a talented receiver it’s so crazy that he has been targeted 69 times for 44 receptions and has zero touchdowns in six games this season.  Great game for Jameis Winston as Tampa Bay loses a close one to Atlanta.  This was a major offensive showdown because both defenses are horrible.  For fantasy football keep starting your offensive players against the Buccaneers!

3. It was the Melvin Gordon show as the Los Angeles Chargers crush the Cleveland Browns winning streak.  Can we get a Jarvis Landry or Carlos Hyde sighting soon? Ever since the Baker Mayfield era started they have just vanished from the Browns offense. Luckily for them they travel to Tampa Bay next week!

4. Minnesota Vikings Adam Thielen continues to make history and becomes the first player since 1961 to start the season with 6 straight 100 yard receiving games.  Vikings get the win over the Arizona Cardinals.

5. Brock Osweiler started for the injured Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins get the win over Chicago Bears.  We all thought the Chicago defense would just feast on Miami, but we all should have seen this W a coming! In a blow your mind stat, Brock’s first career start with the Denver Broncos he beat the Chicago Bears.  His first start with the Houston Texans he beat the Chicago Bears.  His first career start as a Miami Dolphin this weekend he beats the Chicago Bears.  Coincidence I think not!

6. Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota got sacked 11 times on Sunday.  The Baltimore Ravens put up a monster defensive performance and shutout the Titans.

7. Todd Gurley ran wild, rushing for a career high 208 yards this game as the Los Angeles Rams beat the Denver Broncos.  Gurley also leads the NFL with 10 touchdowns.  The Broncos have allowed 593 rushing yards to their opponents in the past two games.

8. The Dallas Cowboys pull off a surprise upset over the Jacksonville Jaguars in decisive fashion 40-7.  The Jaguars defense just got crushed by the talentless Cowboys.  Definitely a head scratcher.

9. Unbelievable Sunday night showdown between the New England Patriots vs the Kansas City Chiefs. The game started slow for Kansas City with New England jumping out to a quick lead.  The Chiefs did almost nothing in the first half, but then the Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill connection was unleashed.  The game finished with a total of 83 points being scored.  The Patriots Stephen Gostkowski ends up kicking the winning field goal 43-40.

10.  This week the NFL went across the pond to London for the Seattle Seahawks vs Oakland Raiders game.  I’m not sure there are two teams that could have travelled further for this NFL matchup than Oakland and Seattle.  This is the first of three NFL games being played over in London this season.  This game was bollocks!  The Seahawks absolutely trounced the Raiders. Oakland is really bad.  Derek Carr completed zero passes over ten yards. He only had two attempts over ten yards and then got hurt in the fourth quarter.  I feel bad for the British because we keep sending them the crapest American football games to watch.  No wonder they think their football is better! They’d probable have a different opinion of our game if they could have watched the shootout between New England and Kansas City.  Cherio!

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